Real talk: Going out to the bar or the club with friends is fun and all, but the best part of the night is winding up at a joint that serves the biggest plate of the best food. That’s where the real fun is at. So, I compiled a list of the best places for drunk food, and the eats at these joints will satisfy all those drunchie feels.

Alabama: Sonic

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Photo courtesy of @djrellz on Instagram

With 10 Sonic’s in Alabama, chances are you’ll find yourself at one after a night out. They’ve got burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes…all the necessities. Plus, everything is so cheap. No drunk person can say no to that.

Alaska: Humpy’s Great Alaskan Ale House

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Humpy’s bar is open until 2 am on weekdays and 2:30 am on weekends, and its kitchen is open until 12 am on weekdays and 1 am on weekends. You know what that means: Ample opportunity to booze and eat the night away.

Plus, Humpy’s offers drunchies like no other. It’s all fresh Alaskan cuisine…An experience that these fast food joints can’t provide.

Arizona: Culver’s

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Photo courtesy of @baeburgerblog on Instagram

Arizona is home to 21 Culver restaurants so it’s obviously an Arizona favorite for burgers and custard. Try out what made this place famous: A Butter Burger. But if you aren’t a meat eater or a burger isn’t what’s going to cure your case of the drunchies, order the Wisconsin cheese curds. They look unreal.

Arkansas: Waffle House

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Photo courtesy of @kathys_treats on Instagram

There isn’t much explaining that needs to be done as to why Waffle House is the destination in Arkansas for drunk food. C’mon, it’s waffles. Who doesn’t want to drunk eat waffles?

Read about all the funny stories college kids have about Waffle House’s here. Or find out all the reasons we love Waffle House, even enough to spend Valentine’s Day there.

California: Mel’s Drive-In

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Photo courtesy of @melsdrivein on Instagram

Located in Hollywood, it’s the perfect place to stumble your way to after hitting up all the clubs and bars in the area. Plus, it’s open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday so you can be sure that Mel’s will be feeding you no matter how late it is.

Colorado: Fat Shack

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Photo courtesy of @rhix2 on Instagram

With a motto like “Late night done right,” it’s no surprise that Fat Shack makes this list for your go-to place in Colorado when you’ve had a few too many. Lucky for University of Denver students, Fat Shack has a location right near campus. You could say I’m pretty jealous.

Looks like this sandwich could make the list for the most epic mac n’ cheese dishes in America.

Connecticut: Athena Diner

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Photo courtesy of @spoon_unh on Instagram

Diners know how to do late-night food right, and Athena Diner in Southport, Connecticut, is no exception.

Delaware: Charcoal Pit

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Photo courtesy of @iambriannareid on Instagram

The Charcoal Pit is Vice President Joe Biden’s favorite…Even President Obama took a lunch break there (read about it here). So, you can bet this place is vetted for dope food and I bet you money that it tastes even better after you’ve got a few in ya. Do as the president did (but he was sober) and order the burger and fries known as the Pit Special.

Florida: Big Pink

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Photo courtesy of @theoriginalfoodies on Instagram

Miami, Florida, is known for its nightlife, so it’s fitting that the late-night food is just as good as the clubs. Big Pink, located right down the street from LIV nightclub, is a retro-styled diner that offers all Miami night-crawlers anything from nachos and burgers to buckets and buckets of fries, wings, corn dogs and chips. Perfect for gaining back those cals you lost on the dance floor.

Georgia: Little Italy Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @jbperkey on Instagram

You know it was a good night if it ended with pizza, so for all you Georgia peeps out there, make sure to check out this joint in Athens for late-night pizza until 2 am.

Hawaii: Zippy’s

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Photo courtesy of @hawaii.foods on Instagram

Zippy’s isn’t necessarily open late-night, but it offers all the great drunk food you can think of. So, when you’re in Hawaii, just make sure to get your drank on a little earlier. We won’t judge.

Zippy’s even made the list of the 50 best things to eat in Honolulu before you die. Peep #12.

Idaho: Grumpy’s

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This popular shack is known for unreal burgers and fries…exactly the kind of meal you want to be having when you’re a few deep. Plus, at Grumpy’s you can continue the party with a few schooners, AKA tall glasses of beer.

Rumor has it, this place is Bruce Springsteen’s go-to spot whenever he’s in town so you can bet it’s legit.

Illinois: Velvet Taco

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Photo courtesy of @chicagotacos on Instagram

Velvet Taco is the quintessential late-night spot for all you drunk Chicagoans. You can get your tacos until 12 am Sunday-Wednesday, until 3 am on Thursday and 4 am on Friday and Saturday. You don’t have to leave the bars early to get your drunchies because Velvet Taco will be there for you at any hour. Amen to that.

Indiana: Btown Diner

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Photo courtesy of @fabfoodfiesta on Instagram

A Hoosier hot-spot, Btown Diner is the perfect place to go to after a night of crazy. This place is serving up sandwiches, burgers and the necessity: loaded fries. Loaded fries when you’re feelin’ [a bit] loaded. Nothing better.

Iowa: Smiles and Gyros (and Superdogs)

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Smiles and Gyros is a food stand open until its last customer is served. It’s always 2 am, but it could go even later. This perfect drunk spot offers the Super Dog: A hot dog with five different sauces, bacon, potato chips and covered in melted cheese. If that doesn’t call your name after a night of drinking, I don’t know what will.

Kansas: Winstead’s Steakburger

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Photo courtesy of @holthill on Instagram

Winstead’s is home to epic burgers and onion rings, but their milkshakes are where it’s at. So switch up your drunk-eats routine and order the signature Skyscraper: A massive chocolate shake that can be shared with 2-6 people. But we all know your drunk self is going to take on the challenge of finishing it all alone.

Kentucky: Tolly Ho

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Photo courtesy of @mattyges59 on Instagram

This place is known as a University of Kentucky tradition and was even featured on CBS Sports for it. The most famous burger, the Mega Ho, comes with three patties — enough to feed any drunkie that walks through the Tolly Ho doors. You can get your Ho burgers at any hour of any day. Talk about the perfect spot for drunk food.

Louisiana: The Boot Bar & Grill

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Photo courtesy of @fleurdelicious_nola on Instagram

Super close to Tulane, you can bet to find students at The Boot at all hours of the night (it’s open ’till 6 am). Not to mention, this place was voted #1 college bar by The Daily Meal, and if you check it out you’ll know why. It offers cheap drinks and eats so you can keep the party kickin’ all night long. See what I did there?

Maine: Blue Rooster Food Co.

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Photo courtesy of @emykoh on Instagram

Open until 2 am on Friday and Saturday, Blue Rooster Food Co. is serving up all the food you need to soak up your night on the town. The tater tot poutine with house-made gravy over cheese curds is calling your name (and mine as I write this).

Maryland: University Market

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University Market, or as Hopkins kids call it, “Uni Mini,” is open 24 hours and is a late-night favorite for college kids in B-more. The picture explains it all, not your fancy 5-star restaurant but these chicken nuggets and mozz sticks with a side of ranch look like 5-stars to any drunk college kid.

Massachusetts: Stubby’s

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Photo courtesy of @oliviakristin22 on Instagram

Nantucket is known for a hoppin’ nightlife and Stubby’s is the place to go after leaving The Chicken Box or any of the other popular bars on the island.

Michigan: Yesterdog

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Photo courtesy of @altonbrown on Instagram

Yesterdog is your go-to, late-night joint for the best hot dog in Michigan, and you can bet that it tastes even better under the influence. Even Alton Brown featured Yesterdog on his Instagram, so your drunk eats are Food Network approved. Not to mention, Yesterdog was recreated in every teen’s favorite comedy, American Pie, as the restaurant “Dog Years” (read about it here). Need I say more?

Minnesota: Toppers Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @topperspizza on Instagram

Open until 3 am, Toppers Pizza is all about late-night pizza and more importantly, late-night delivery. What’s better than drunchies? Getting drunchies delivered to you. I’m talkin’ pizza, Toppersticks (epic cheesy-breadsticks) and wings. Toppers has got you covered.

Mississippi: 4 Corners Chevron

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4 Corners “Chicken On A Stick” Chevron was featured in the article Where to Eat in Oxford When You’re Drunk AF for, you guessed it, chicken on a stick. Ole Miss votes it the best fried chicken in the Square, so make sure to make 4 Corners your late-night stop.

Missouri: Imo’s Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @imospizzastil on Instagram

If drunk ordering Imo’s Pizza is how you ended your night, then you definitely did it right. Even Jennifer Garner raves about Imo’s in an interview, so you know it’s a good call.

Montana: Moose’s Saloon

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Photo courtesy of @inconnuwine on Instagram

Moose’s Saloon is known for pizza and beer, and it’s open until 2 am, so there’s no doubt it’s the perfect place to end up at when you’re in Montana. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Moose’s Saloon is the perfect place to keep the party going. And please tell me that this pizza doesn’t look to die for.

Nebraska: Lazzari’s Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @lazzaris_pizza on Instagram

This pizza joint on O Street serves it by the slice, or if your drunk self needs more than just a tasting, order the whole pie. And every Lazzari’s fan will tell you the spicy chicken pizza reigns supreme. The coolest thing about this place? They’ll add cream cheese to your slices, and that sounds delicious drunk or not.

Nevada: Little Waldorf

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Photo courtesy of @little_waldorf on Instagram

Open weekly until 2 am, the Little Waldorf is the perfect place in Reno to hit up after the bars. You might as well go balls to the wall and order one of the giant burgers with a side of Macho Nachos. No regrets.

New Hampshire: Red Arrow Diner

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Photo courtesy of @manchestereatsnh on Instagram

24-hour diners are probably one of the best things to ever be created, and Red Arrow Diner is no exception. AKA, it’s only right that you make this place your go-to for drunk eats…Because everyone needs cheese fries and french toast in one sitting (and being drunk is the only time that’s really socially acceptable).

New Jersey: Fatty’s

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Photo courtesy of @everydayisacheatday on Instagram

Fatty’s puts every one of your favorite greasy, American foods into one sandwich…and let me tell you, it is heaven. Late at night when you’re a little tipsy, there is nothing that speaks to you more than a sandwich loaded with mozz sticks, french fries and chicken fingers all in one.

Seriously, go check out the menu and see what crazy creations your drunk self can get their hands on. Plus, they deliver and are open until 3 am, so it’s a no-brainer.

New Mexico: El Camino Restaurant & Lounge

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Photo courtesy of @brisketeater_57cinco on Instagram

El Camino is where it’s at if you’re craving Mexican grub at any hour of the night. Open 24/7, it’s obvious that El Camino knows that there’s nothing better than getting a late-night fix after throwing a few back.

New York: Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @nycdining on Instagram

In the city that never sleeps, you can bet that there are a ton of late-night places to finish your night at. But nothing beats sinking your teeth into a slice of pizza after all those vodka cranberries, and Artichoke Basille’s Pizza is the perfect place to do just that. Seriously, their giant pizza slices look bangin’ and I bet you they taste even better at 4 am.

North Carolina: Cookout

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Photo courtesy of @td2timevmp on Instagram

Even though Cookout is serving drunk kids all over the South, it was founded in North Carolina, so I’m naming it the go-to for drunk food in the land of the Tarheels. Burgers, hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches and fries served to you in under 2 seconds is impressive, but the menu features 40+ different kinds of milkshakes…even more impressive.

Still tryna get your drank on but making a Cookout pit-stop first? Use one of their milkshakes as a chaser. Who knows, maybe it made this list.

North Dakota: Rhombus Guys

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Photo courtesy of @halfcraft on Instagram

Open ’till 2 am every single night, Rhombus Guys is here to provide you pizza whenever you’re feelin’ it. Drunk on a Monday? Call Rhombus Guys. Drunk on a Tuesday? Call Rhombus Guys. Not drunk on Wednesday but craving pizza at 2 am? Call Rhombus Guys. You get the point.

Ohio: Bagel & Deli

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Photo courtesy of @thefitlemon on Instagram

B&D, as the Miami kids call it, stays open after the bars close to make sure students get a bagel fix before their night ends. According to inside sources, The Horny Jalapeño (featured in its own article) or The Crunch and Munch is the go-to order. You heard it here first kids.

Oklahoma: Pizza Shuttle

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Photo courtesy of @thepizzashuttle on Instagram

Another dope pizza place added to the list. Pizza Shuttle is a University of Oklahoma favorite, open until 2 am. Rumor has it, the pizza pockets will be the order of the night and they’re only $5 so go crazy.

Oregon: Elmasry Food Truck

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Portland, Oregon, is home to a ton of food trucks that are serving late-night, but Elmasry takes the cake cause they’re open until 5 am every day. 5 am. Every day. Mind blown.

#SpoonTip: Add their hot sauce to whatever you order.

Pennsylvania: Canyon Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @wannabefoodie_5 on Instagram

Open until 3 am, Canyon is where you’ll find all of State College after a night out. And you can bet that the Monster Cheese Pizza with a side of pepperoni rolls will satisfy all your drunchie cravings.

Rhode Island: Haven Brothers Diner

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Photo courtesy of @jillah401 on Instagram

If you love being drunk and love eating grease while you’re at it, and also happen to be in Providence, then Haven Brothers is the spot for you. All you college kids in Rhode Island should know about this place, and if you don’t, now you do. You’re welcome.

South Carolina: Señor Willies Taco Shack

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Photo courtesy of @jess.habich on Instagram

Let me introduce you to the best experience of your life.  Seriously, if anyone reading this has ever been to Myrtle Beach then you for sure know about Señor Willies.

This is the gathering spot for all college kids who do beach week in Myrtle, and there’s a reason for it. There isn’t a time past 11 pm when there isn’t a line outside the infamous Señor Willies window.

Burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas galore…it’s the perfect spot after having yourself a night in the dirty myrtle. The only thing college kids look forward to more than a week boozin’ at the beach after finals is indulging in Señor Willies. Every. Single. Night.

Plus, it was voted best taco in South Carolina.

South Dakota: Casey’s General Store

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Photo courtesy of @miller_201294 on Instagram

Located right outside of the University of South Dakota campus, Casey’s General Store is open 24 hours a day, is cheap and serves pizza. A college kid can’t ask for anything more.

Tennessee: Cafe Coco

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Photo courtesy of @nasvhillefoodfan on Instagram

Cafe Coco, a hip coffee shop and restaurant, provides Vanderbilt students the perfect place to indulge in drunchies after a night out. They even serve beer if you’re still tryna turn up. Plus, it’s open 24 hours so it’s a no brainer in Nashville.

Texas: Whataburger

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Photo courtesy of @eatlikeatexan on Instagram

Everything is bigger in Texas, and when you’re on the hunt for drunchies, bigger is always better. Whataburger, a Texas staple, offers a menu full of big burgers, chicken sandwiches and breakfast favorites.

I’ve heard the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit is where it’s at, so make sure to make Whataburger your next stop after the bars.

Utah: The Pie Pizzeria

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Photo courtesy of @sseonju_k on Instagram

The Pie Pizzeria is super close to the University of Utah so it’s no surprise that this is the place that drunk college kids end up. Not only can students get their fix at The Pie, but they can also get it delivered to campus late at night.

Vermont: Mr. Mike’s Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @eatzbydyl on Instagram

Open until 1 am, Mr. Mike’s Pizza is only a short distance from the University of Vermont and they happen to be serving up some of the best pizza in Burlington. So it’s only natural that this spot be saved for late-night drunchies.

#SpoonTip: Get it delivered and they give you free garlic knots. Score.

Virginia: Chanello’s

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Photo courtesy of

Chanello’s isn’t gourmet, but when it’s 2 am and you just need a pizza delivered ASAP, they’ve got you covered. There’s only one way to do Chanello’s right. And that is to order the Big Boy. Because why would you order anything else besides the biggest pizza you can stuff your drunk face with?

Washington: Shultzy’s Sausage

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Photo courtesy of @desert_seatlleite on Instagram

What’s better than drinking beer? Eating sausage after. Open weekly until 2 am, you can’t miss out on what Shultzy’s Sausage is serving up for college kids. Pair your sausage with a pretzel…and maybe another pint of beer.

Washington, D.C.: Osman & Joe’s Steak ‘n Egg Kitchen

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This hole-in-the-wall dive is open 24 hours and can satisfy any drunkie with breakfast foods, burgers, sandwiches and fries. You definitely can’t miss out on hitting up this place when in The District.

West Virginia: Sandwich U

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Photo courtesy of @kingofthefatsandwich on Instagram

West Virginia University kids know how to party, so they obviously know how to drunk eat. Sandwich U has been featured on Buzzfeed and on Good Morning America for grub that’ll make anyone’s mouth water, including the Fat Sandwich. The Mountaineers continue their party at this popular hangout spot, so you can bet Sandwich U is open ’till all hours of the night.

Wisconsin: Ian’s Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @ledzeat on Instagram

I don’t know about you, but Ian’s mac n’ cheese pizza sounds like a dream come true to me…drunk or not. And it’s no surprise that’s their best seller. So if you’re looking for some dope pizza after a wild night, look no further than Ian’s.

If you’re not drunk but still want your mac fix without the guilt, make this healthy mac n’ cheese.

Wyoming: Grand Avenue Pizza

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College kids can’t get enough of Grand Avenue Pizza, and it makes sense. This place is making unreal pizzas. So unreal, that even the Food Network named it one of their top places to eat.