Look, we all know in a place like Harrisonburg, good pizza is hard to come by. But Chanello’s Pizza does a pretty solid job of delivering fresh, high quality nomz for college students craving a slice. And the Chanello’s Big Boy is like the holy grail of southern pizza. It’s gigantic, it’s cheesy and it’s delicious on so many levels. Like, YUM. 

So no shame, we get it if you start craving it 24/7. Feel free to indulge. Here are 9 different occasions that we believe absolutely requires a Chanello’s Big Boy.  

1. When You’re Having a Bad Day

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We all have those bad days in college and sometimes it seems like there’s nothing we can do to fix it. But pizza makes all pain go away, it’s a scientific fact. I’ve done research on it, I swear.

2. When You’re Having a Great Day

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There are days where life is straight-up awesome. And you know what upgrades a great day to a fabulous day? Indulging in a cheesy, gooey 20 inch pizza and feeling no shame about it at all. #Blessed.

3. When You Don’t Feel Like Leaving Your House

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Hey, delivery exists for a reason and I’m not about to settle for plain old Dominos. Not when I can get 20 inches of pure, delicious pizza delivered right to my door. 

4. When It’s Time to Treat Yo’self

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If there was a Chanello’s in Pawnee, Indiana, you know that Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle would be hitting up Chanello’s on the reg. And that means you should too. Treat yo’self. 

5. When You Wake Up In the Morning

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Sometimes, all you need in the morning is a pizza fix to get you up and ready for the day. I’m not judging, leftover pizza is bomb af.

6. When You Walked Home Drunk From a Party

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We’ve all done it. Whether it’s that grueling two mile walk from Devon to South Main, or you somehow made it back to your dorm from Copper, the drunk walk home is hell on earth. But when you’re about to collapse on the floor after your strenuous trek through the Burg, pick up the phone and call Chanello’s. A large pizza will make it better, promise. 

7. When You Fail an Exam

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Look, you might’ve failed that econ exam, but a Chanello’s Big Boy won’t fail you. It’s an A+ in my book. 

8. When You Need a Cheat Day

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Eff that clean eating diet you said you would stick with. Pizza exists for a reason.

9. Every Single Day, Anytime of Day

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Just give me the Chanello’s all day every day.