Taking shots: Sometimes necessary, often miserable. Anyone who’s sipped on vodka though knows working out isn’t the only time you’ll “feel the burn.” That’s why shots are meant to be chased. However, sometimes college students may not have normal chasers at their disposal and therefore, must turn to slightly… Unconventional methods of fighting that vodka burn. These students have bravely opened up about their most inventive, sometimes disgusting, and downright bizarre choices for chasing shots.


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“Chunky peanut butter, and no it did not end well.”

“Pickle juice.”

“A bagel with peanut butter on it because it was for an early football game and I needed to eat breakfast and pregame at the same time.”

“Bites of banana bread (my mom’s recipe).”

“Dorito’s… surprisingly effective.”


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“Emergen-C. I was trying to fight an imminent cold.”

“Once I licked my arm.”

“I once chased a diesel shot with an apple to impress a boy. 10/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.”


“My friend and I have been known to use chocolate syrup or Nutella… really anything chocolate.”


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“Ice cubes…not weird, just stupid.”

“Ring pops are the way to go.”

“Baby Formula. Didn’t have enough supplies for a White Russian so me and my brother tried getting creative… I didn’t totally hate it.”

“A make-out session.”

“The juice of a crawfish head. Crawfest 2015.”


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“Once chased a shot of vodka with rum because it was in a vitamin water bottle. Worst mistake ever.”


“Baby food, once. Never again.”

“Listerine mouth spray… Honestly, it was a pretty good chaser.”

“Does more alcohol count?”