If you're one of the many people who think eating healthy in the Big Easy is almost impossible, this is the list for you. Whether you're a healthy eater or looking to detox from the multiple plates of beignets and one too many hurricanes you indulged in last night, these healthy restaurants in New Orleans will get you into a healthy groove. 


1) Raw Republic

Jenna Resnikoff

Raw Republic is a health-driven juice and raw food bar on Magazine Street that offers a variety of cold-pressed juices, elixirs, smoothie bowls, and healthy eats. All the items on their menu promote health from the inside out and leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

My typical order: Açaí bowl.

2) Hivolt Coffee

Allie Weiss

Hivolt Coffee resides in the Lower Garden District and is a great place to enjoy a healthy, filling breakfast with a kick of caffeine. Everything on the menu is made with wholesome ingredients and is packed with flavor. While baked goods aren't necessarily considered healthy, Hivolt offers a great selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan items that are great for satisfying a sweet tooth

My typical order: The Ozzy Breakfast Bowl (kefir sauce on the side) or 1/2 of a Morning Glory or Zucchini Walnut Bran muffin with cold brew coffee.

3) D'juice Fresh Juice and Smoothie Bar

Allie Weiss

D'juice is a juice bar on Magazine Street that is perfect for a pre/post-workout snack or a morning pick-me-up. The juices and smoothies are made right it front of you with high quality, fresh ingredients. They have creative açaí bowls, greek yogurt parfaits, avocado toast, and a variety of grab-and-go salads.  The hidden feature of D'juice that not many Tulane students are aware of is that they accept NOLAbucks and deliver. 

My typical order: It's Not Easy Being Green smoothie or a fresh pressed juice.

4) Bearcat Cafe

Allie Weiss

Bearcat Cafe is the perfect breakfast spot to please all types of eaters in a friend group. The menu is divided into a "Good Cat" healthy section and a "Bad Cat" section with sweet dishes. Bearcat has a large coffee and drink menu featuring flavored cold brew, freshly brewed iced teas, and unique flavors of kombucha. This cafe is vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free friendly and is all around very accommodating with food allergies.

 My typical order: Seasonal Vegetable Omelet with a side of fruit and coconut cold brew coffee.

5) The Daily Beet

The Daily Beet is a sister restaurant to the St. Roch vendor Juice Nola, with a larger menu and the benefit of having its own space. This healthy eatery serves salads, grain bowls, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and more. The presentation of food is incredible, and every dish is a piece of art. You will leave satisfied and smiling.

My typical order: Skinny green smoothie with avocado toast.


1) Satsuma Cafe

Allie Weiss

Satsuma Cafe is always packed with Tulane students– and for a good reason. This healthy cafe has veggie scrambles, nutritious salads, organic cold-pressed juices, as well as pancakes, bagel plates, and a selection of baked goods for the sweet tooth. All of the food at Satsuma is fresh, and the spot has a very positive energy to it. This cafe is a great place to eat out with friends or bring visitors. 

My typical order: Raw Market Salad or Veggie Scramble with whole wheat toast.

2) Refuel Cafe

Allie Weiss

Refuel Cafe is one of the most underrated brunch/lunch spots in uptown New Orleans. It's a quick and easy cafe with healthy options and comfortable seating. The menu features light omelets and scrambles, yogurt bowls, and fresh fruit. 

My typical order: Egg White Veggie Omelet with a side of fruit.

3) Superfood Bar

Allie Weiss

Superfood bar is a small, locally-sourced organic juice and health food spot. They offer a great selection of organic cold-pressed juices, functional smoothies with optional superfood add-ins, and brown rice wraps. If you're feeling under the weather, they have vitamin C, super immune booster, and ginger shots to heal from within. A great perk about this spot is that it's reasonably priced, which is great when you're trying to eat healthy on a college budget. There is limiting seating inside, as it's primarily a grab-and-go location.

My typical order: Green Glow smoothie and Superfood Bar salad.

4) Sprout and Press

Allie Weiss

Sprout and Press is a juice bar that serves organic, cold-pressed juices and fresh food. This location is clean, modern, and a great atmosphere for studying. The salads here are amazing and do not compare to any other is New Orleans. They're packed with vitamin-rich leafy greens, crisp vegetables, healthy fats, and good sources of protein. If salads aren't your thing, Sprout and Press has a great selection of smoothies, wraps, and spring rolls as well. This is definitely one of my go-to healthy spots in New Orleans.

My typical order: Activated charcoal lemonade and Tofu Avocado Salad.


1) Shaya

Allie Weiss

Shaya is one of the most well-known restaurants in New Orleans and never fails to impress foodies from all over. This modern Israeli cuisine features seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients and is cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. Shaya's menu consists of a variety of shareable small plates, spreads, heavenly hummus, and large plates. The move is to go to Shaya in large groups and order a ton of small plates to share. 

2) Magasin Kitchen

Anna Fish

Magasin Kitchen is one of New Orleans' many Vietnamese restaurants. Magasin is part of the EatFit Nola organization and has a separate part of their menu designated towards healthy options. All items under this category have very little added sugar and no white, refined starches. They serve brown rice vermicelli noodles and grill or bake all of their vegetables and proteins rather than frying them (like the majority of places). 

My typical order: Brown rice with grilled tofu, grilled zucchini, and a fried egg.

3) Poke Loa

Samantha Locker

Poke Loa is a quick and casual restaurant that has plenty of healthy options. This trendy make-your-own sushi bowl spot has over 20 items to choose from, including protein choices of tuna, salmon, spicy tuna, yellow tail, octopus, and tofu. They are very generous with their portions of rice, so make sure to ask for only one scoop to avoid overeating.

4) Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a great selection of locally grown, organic produce and healthy snacks that are great for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. This organic grocery store has a deli station with sandwiches, a sushi bar, a hot bar, and a fresh salad bar. All ingredients are listed on the hot/salad bar, whch makes eating clean easy. While I love making salads at the fresh bar, they tend to get very pricey, so beware.

5) Sweg's Kitchen

Sweg's Kitchen is a a great option for healthy eating on the go. This fast food spot takes a healthy spin on classic Southern comfort foods without sacrificing flavor. Sweg's is also part of the EatFit Nola organization and has an in-house dietitian that ensures that each item meets the nutritional criteria. The menu has a color-ordinated system that highlights which items are feasible for people with a variety of dietary restrictions.

My typical order: Black Bean Mushroom Burger with a side of zoodles.

Now that you have a list of healthy restaurants in New Orleans, eating well can be easy. Next time you're going out to eat, try one of these healthy restaurants for a balanced meal.