There comes a time in the year when simply the thought of going to study at the library is tear-inducing. That's when you know you need to step off-campus and find a new place to hunker down and get work done. Lucky for you, these 8 coffee shops are ready to revive your focus and get you back in that studying groove.

1. Pulp & Grind

Joseph Kim

Located in the Central Business District, this coffee shop may be a tad further than typical Tulane study spots, but it's well worth the trip. While coffee is always an option, the fridge full of homemade juices could very well overpower your inner cry for caffeine. Also, be sure you try the brioche bun with egg, tomato, pesto, and feta cheese. 

#SpoonTip: Once you're set with food and a drink, settle in at the counter that overlooks Camp Street– you may be lucky enough to see a second line pass by. 

2. Mammoth Espresso

tea, espresso, coffee
Joseph Kim

Also located in the CBD not far from Pulp & Grind, Mammoth Espresso is another perfect study spot. The inside is minimalistic and retro with a giant window that lets in plenty of natural light. If you're a science major and haven't been conditioned to experience an anxiety attack at the sight of a beaker, sit back and watch what looks like a lab experiment unfold before you when you order a pour over.

3. HiVolt Coffee

chocolate, milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Joseph Kim

My personal favorite, HiVolt never fails to disappoint, and their coffee is arguably the best in all of New Orleans. No matter your dietary restrictions (vegans, we're especially looking at you), you'll be able to find a dish that has you eating up every last crumb.

#SpoonTip: It's almost always buzzing here, so make sure you're productive in that type of environment.

4. Cherry Espresso Bar

Joseph Kim

Nestled in between shotgun houses, the colorful Cherry Espresso Bar will win you over the moment you step through the door. With brick walls, quirky art, and a nice variety of seating options, you're sure to find yourself coming back here. Espresso is in the name, so head on over there if you need a pick-me-up asap. 

5. Manhattan Jack

pie, crumble, chocolate, cake
Joseph Kim

Definitely popular amongst Tulane students, Manhattan Jack is a great spot to set up shop for the day. As one Tulane student once told me, "The long counter of desserts is what really keeps me motivated. I look up and think, 'Finish this paper, and that can be yours.'" If you're not motivated by sweets, take a seat at the large, communal table and let the hard work of everyone around you keep you going.

6. Rook Cafe

pizza, tea, beer, coffee
Joseph Kim

An easy walk from campus, this quiet coffee shop is perfect if you're the type of person that needs a calm and cozy environment. Be adventurous and order one of their specialty drinks– "The Rook," named after the coffee shop itself, is written on the board as being made with "freshly gathered unicorn tears."

#SpoonTip: Be sure to ask if they can add some of their homemade whipped cream to top off your drink.

7. Rue de la Course

beer, wine, coffee, tea
Joseph Kim

The second you walk into Rue de la Course, the sound of classical music and the European aesthetic may or may not make you feel like the French philosopher René Descartes. Descartes said it best with his famous quote, "I think (I'll study at Rue de la Course); therefore I am (going to ace my finals)." 

#SpoonTip: If you're able to score a seat on the lofted level, you should consider yourself #blessed.

8. Z'otz Cafe

beer, espresso, tea, coffee
Joseph Kim

When Rue de la Course shuts down for the night but you're still on a roll, head on over to Z'otz. This is one the few coffee shops you'll find open late (1am), and for that we are forever grateful. In a league of it's own, the unusual interior and grunge music will definitely remind you that you're not at Tulane anymore, which is most likely exactly what you need. 

So here's to coffee shops– for their comfy seats, fresh pastries, good vibes, and caffeinated beverages. No matter if it's midterms, finals, or just the everyday grind, these 8 coffee shops are waiting with open arms to become your new study haven.