Baruch College is a commuter school, so students don't exactly have a full cafeteria with a salad bar, hot meals, and a variety of options for other food. Lucky for us Bearcats, we happen to be in the heart of New York City and surrounded by all different kinds of cuisine. So, if you are a Baruch student reading this, here's the ultimate guide to eating around Baruch College. 

East Asian 

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There are a good number of East Asian food places around Baruch's Campus. If you want hot noodle soup, head on over to Bao Bao Café — a small but amazing Chinese place known for their Bao Bao Rice and Ramen — or Luu's Baguette, a great affordable Vietnamese joint. 

For a quick grab, you can cross the street on Lexington Avenue to the Korean Ramen Food Truck for some Udon, Ramyun, or Bibimbap. And if you're not in the mood for noodles, Didi Dumplings offers cheap and yummy steamed dumplings or pot stickers. 

American/Fast Food 

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Sometimes you can't resist having a good burger. If you're looking for something meaty for lunch, go to Madison Ave. for Shake Shack (be careful, the lines are super long) or Schnippers. And as always, McDonald's is an option. 

For a good New York bagel, head over to Bagel Express III which is right outside the Baruch plaza. You have options ranging from different bagels, breakfast foods, and lunch combos. Some other classic American chains include Popeyes — the classic go-to joint for fried chicken which can be found on 3rd Avenue, Subway — located right next to Popeyes, and Panera Bread — which serves classic pasta, salads, or soups. And as always, there are a few pizza places spread out around the neighborhood. 


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There are several yummy options for salads and other healthy meals. At Chopt on 23rd Street, you can customize your own salad;  Just Salad, which is a block from Baruch, allows you to do the same. When salads get boring, cue Dig Inn where you can get warm grain bowls and market plates that won't break the bank. Pret A Manger is also nearby, but it is on the more pricey side. 

For those vegans out there, By Chloe is located on 22nd street and offers some tasty meals such as vegan meatball sandwiches and vegan burgers. You got to try the beet ketchup if you go there. 


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Tired of going to Chipotle every week and want more options? Check out Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen which features everything from breakfast burritos to protein-packed plates. Or head over to Dos Toros for some authentic Mexican food. 


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Cava, just a couple blocks away from Baruch, is another build-your-own-bowl place that serves up some mouth-watering Mediterranean flavors such as lamb meatballs and hummus. Noon Mediterranean is another similar food location. 


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ChaamLex is right across from Baruch on Lexington and 24th and features lunch specials daily. You can pick up an appetizer and entree combo for under $10 here. Little Basil is also another affordable Thai place that offers Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, and other delicious options. 


These restaurants don't quite fit in the previous categories, so we're listing them here. The Halal Food Truck is right on campus, so you can easily head out the building and grab food.  Other food trucks also often rotate near the campus.  

This article is obviously just the tip of the iceberg of the many eating opportunities around Baruch. So use this as a guide, and go explore the city to find even more amazing places to eat! We hope we helped you decide your lunch plans for the rest of the semester.