When scrolling through local foodies Instragram feeds you are sure to come across three things. Photos of the best local burgers, brews and coffee shops. If you are just moving to or visiting the Tampa Bay area for school, work or pleasure it is detrimental to have the name of these three B's in your phone; Bandit Coffee Co., Black Crow Coffee Shop and Buddy Brew. The second best thing to being tipsy is being caffeinated, and these local coffee shops are ready to provide your next fix. Let's do these in alphabetical order so I don't explicitly show any favoritism.

Bandit Coffee Co.

coffee, tea, apple, beer
Haley Haman

This little coffee shop is known for their "Hello Saint Petersburg" mural on the outside and their banging coffee on the inside. Blessing every DTSP locals' IG with the best foam art. Whether you need a serene place to study or are looking to meet up with a friend for a nice little midday jolt to your system, Bandit Coffee Co. always has a cup brewing.


Black Crow Coffee

If you make your way down to the 700 block, Black Crow Coffee calls for a pit stop. Even if you don't need a caffeine fix (which doesn't even make sense to me but, to each their own), Black Crow always has fresh baked goodies out on the counter. I had a banana bread muffin that could easily feed a family of four, but I wasn't trying to share. This coffee shop transports you back in time with old school décor covering the walls. Turning any run of the mill streetwalker into a hipster just by walking through the door. (@blackcrowcoffee)

Buddy Brew Coffee

coffee, espresso, milk, cappuccino
Kelsey Emery

If you haven't been to Hyde Park - you're missing out. Home to Sprinkles Cupcakes, Cinebistro and countless other dope spots; Buddy Brew Coffee is one of the elite. Grab a cupcake from Sprinkles ATM, and run next door to order a red eye from Buddy Brew before making your way to sit in next to the fountain under hanging lights. So cute you'll hate yourself for taking a million selfies under them.

Whether you're in the burg or make your way across the bridge, these three b's will keep you from backhanding the next person that asks you if you already have a job lined up after college - well, no promises. I'm guilty of getting my coffee from chain shops, but when I have the time to sit and enjoy my city's aesthetic - I have to show some love to my b's.