Latte art is a craft of its own: perfecting the balance between steamed milk and espresso, all the while creating beautiful patterns, is difficult to master. When it is done well, latte art is mesmerizing and seems to make any cup of coffee taste better. Even if you haven't heard of lattes, you've probably seen them on Instagram—in cups.

But, have you seen these ridiculous yet skillfully crafted latte arts in fruits and random everyday objects? Here are 21 times latte art went a little too far (you'll want to see the last one).

21. Avocado aka "avolatte"

I'm not surprised about this—avocado toast and coffee go together pretty well, especially at Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar. Avocado's all the rage, but do we have to encourage it?

20. Ice cream cone

What's a cone without ice cream? And how quickly do you have to drink this #coffeeinacone before it melts through chocolate and seeps through the cone?

19. Cookie cup

I always question the practicality and feasibility of cookie shots and the likes. Do you finish the coffee before a bite? Or do you bite and sip as you go? Seems messy either way.

18. Portafilter

Fitting, considering the espresso of lattes is made possible by portafilters. Though, that's a pretty small latte, if you ask me.

17. Honeydew

Honeydew? More like honey-ew! It's a nice pour, I'll give it to the barista.

16. Apple

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe this latte will do the same.

15. Kiwi

A simple heart is latte art, but a kiwi is a rather furry vehicle for serving coffee, no?

14. Seashell

Would you care for a cup of the sea shore? 

13. Spoon

I won't be getting my entire coffee fix with this, but it still looks like a spoonful of joy.

12. Coconut

Not such a bad serving tool for coffee, but I wonder if that's real coconut milk in there?

11. Tomato

But really, why? I don't think the tomato juices necessarily complements the latte...

10. Other cups of coffee

Okay, this one is actually very impressive. It's definitely mesmerizing, vert similar to Dali's Persistence of Memory.

9. Egg shells

Hopefully, there aren't any egg shell bits in those. But latte in an egg shell is a bit egg-stra, don't you think?

8. Orange peels

If you bite into this "cup" or orange bowl, you probably won't like the bitterness. But perhaps orange will add a nice citrus accent to the latte?

7. Vegemite jars

Is that Vegemite inside the jar, or chocolate syrup? Let's hope whoever cleaned this Vegemite jar cleaned it well (if at all).

6. Plates

Nice foam, nice try. Serve this coffee with a silver spoon, while you're at it.

5. Tin boxes

An incredible pour for a rectangular shape. I must also admit, the ending adds a nice touch. Just don't forget you poured coffee in there!

4. Tupperware

For times when your thermos, mugs, and bowls have disappeared. Of course, Tupperware will always be there for you.

3. Tissue Paper

Pretty creative, I'll say. You just won't have any tissues left to wipe your tears from crying over spilt coffee.

2. Durian

No thanks, I think I'll stick to these perfectly fine Durian desserts and have my coffee separately—and certainly not spiky.

1. Dirt hole

This deserves the real question, "what the f*ck?" Dirt?

No matter how ridiculous these lattes' serving vehicles are, it's no doubt that all the baristas featured are incredibly talented. I'm actually a bit angry about how crazy creative these baristas are and how curious I am to drink a couple of these (definitely not the dirt latte). What are your feelings?