The long-awaited durian season has finally arrived, which means the King of Fruits will finally be able to reign in the dessert kingdom. While we know that there are an endless array of durian desserts to choose from, here are the greatest forms of durian dessert that every durian lover must try.

1. Durian Dodol

durian desserts

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Dodol, a traditional Javanese sweet confection popular throughout Southeast Asia and South Asia is no stranger to the durian game. This has got to be the original durian dessert of all time. It’s absolutely great when you need to satisfy your durian craving but don’t want to stink up your whole mouth.

2. Durian Cake

durian desserts

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First of all, who doesn’t like cake? If you don’t, we can’t be friends. Having durian cake as a birthday cake is like a dream come true for every durian lover. This creamy creation will lovingly melt in your mouth, leaving your mouth in need of a few breath mints (but totally worth it).

3. Durian Ice Cream

durian desserts

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The most beloved dessert of all time was bound to have a durian variety. It needs no explanation because just like every other fruit that has its own ice cream, it’s only fair that the King of Fruits has its place in the ice cream realm. Let that ice cream melt in your mouth during a hot, sunny day to cool you down.

4. Durian Waffle

durian desserts

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If you think the Tater Tot & Bacon Grilled Cheese Waffle was intense, wait until you try durian waffles. They will spike up your day with the smell of the King of Fruits and make you feel like true royalty (in the fruit kingdom, at least).

5. Durian Cendol

durian desserts

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Cendol is another traditional Southeast Asian cold dessert made out of coconut milk, palm sugar, red beans and a variety of fillers. It has recently become renowned for this grand combination of delicious ingredients. I’d say it’s an excellent dessert ambassador of the Southeast Asian world due to its combination of the two ‘holy grail’ fruits of Southeast Asia —coconut and durian—together in one dish.

6. Durian Pie

durian desserts

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Sick of your usual savoury or sweet pies? Why not try the durian pie instead? It provides that special oomph that often goes missing in both your sweet or savoury pies. Within that crumbly and scrumptious crust, the durian pie is no doubt a delectable delicacy.

7. Durian Crepe

durian desserts

Photo by Shannon Peters

Durian crepe ain’t no stinky crepe, it’s a glorious crepe. And yes, even the traditional French dessert has been immersed with the infamous fruit. This concoction shouldn’t be frowned upon as it is jam-packed with phenomenal texture. The durian flesh is reminiscent of the stretchy texture of cheese, leaving you craving for more.

8. Durian Puffs

durian desserts

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Move over custard, durian is taking over. It’s time to stray from the usual custard puffs and savour a whole new experience with these fluffy and memorably aromatic puffs.

9. Durian Mochi

durian desserts

Photo by Gabby Phi

I don’t know about you, but I love mochi. Bring in the durian and I’ll never stop eating it. Besides, out of all the desserts in the list, Durian Mochi are the most accessible in North America as you can find them at your local Asian grocer. If not, make them!

With that, just remember to clear your durian breath after eating these durian desserts if you plan on meeting with friends or family.