In case you haven't caught on by now, Tuscaloosa has a super diverse food scene. We've got a lot to offer; tacos, sushisouthern comfort and of course... burgers. It's safe to say there's a T-Town burger spot for anyone and everyone. Yes, that includes you, @vegans. Here's a list of yummy suggestions (in no particular order) that includes details regarding vegetarian and vegan options.

1. Five Bar

Five's burger is a double that comes with bacon relish and American cheese. It's juicy and accompanied by a beautiful side salad in addition to shoestring French fries. Plus, you can substitute beef for a black bean burger.

Serves vegetarian/vegan friendly burgers ✔

2. River

Next on our list, we have the lovely River Burger. River is a fairly new restaurant to T-Town. It's located right on the Black Warrior River and has a great view. The River Burger is topped with caramelized onions, white cheddar, house smoked bacon and arugula. At lunch, it is served with parmesan chips. At dinner, it's served with French fries. 

Serves vegetarian/vegan friendly burgers X

3. Freddy's

Freddy's is a chain that has locations all over the south, the mid-west and west coast. Despite having so many locations, Freddy's atmosphere has an old-fashioned, friendly service small business feel which I can definitely dig. 

Serves vegetarian/vegan friendly burgers X

4. Mooyah

Mooyah has a great build-your-own burger selection. You can get pretty creative with that shit. The fries taste like fresh cut Jersey Shore boardwalk fries. For those of y'all who have never had the privilege of visiting the J-Shore, they're hot, salty and the perfect balance of crispy and fluffy. Mooyah accepts Bama Cash. Ergo, even if their burgers tasted like seasoned rubber, it'd still be worth the visit. Luckily, they don't, though. Not to mention, they're open late on the weekends, thus, a great drunchy option.

Serves vegetarian/vegan friendly burgers ✔

5. Mugshots

Above we have the "Summer Stack" and the "Cajun Dixie", (a chicken sandwich). Mugshots claims to have "the sweetest buns in the south" and I can definitely vouch. The dough that they use to make their buns is a little bit sweet in addition to salty. Now, when I say "sweet," I do not mean sugary. The sweetness provides an interesting contrast and texture in each bite! Molly recommends the "Gobbler" and Walker recommends the "McDonald."

Serves vegetarian/vegan friendly burgers ✔

6. BurgerFi

BurgerFi's signature (pun intended) buns have their name printed on them. So in the unlikely (but possible) event that you might forget what restaurant you're eating at, there's a quick reminder right on top of your meal. Head on over to midtown and try not to eat too fast. 

Serves vegetarian/vegan friendly burgers ✔

(According to my friend Riley, "The BurgerFi veggie burger changed my life low key." Take it from her.)

So grab some homies and take your pick! I like to have a nice wide rotation and make sure I visit all these great spots with some regulation, at least when my bank account permits.