Tuscaloosa is in the heart of Alabama. To most people that probably means all we eat is fried catfish and biscuits, but it's not.

If you've been to Tuscaloosa lately then you know our food scene is way more diverse than that. There's sort of a place for everyone at this point no matter what you want (except bagels) and in my opinion you can find some really great tacos here. 

Taco Mama 

My Order: the "Justice is Served Taco" with grilled shrimp. This is my hands down favorite taco in town. It comes with ancho chile slaw, avocado, tomatoes, roasted poblano tartar. It's amazing.

Animal Butter

My Order: Potato and Sweet Corn taco. These tacos come in soft shells with guacamole, chipotle creme and corn. I know it sounds strange but this place is so good, just trust me. It's a super chill atmosphere and although you wouldn't guess it... they do serve alcohol. 


My Order: Baja Tacos. I order it with shrimp but I've tried it with fish too and it's still good. It comes with fried or grilled fish or shrimp, cilantro, red cabbage and creamy jalapeño sauce. Yum. 

I hope this has you wishing everyday was taco Tuesday.