Tuscaloosa’s nightlife is POPPIN for a small college town. Whether you find yourself out at penny pitchers on a Wednesday night or out with your #SQUAD on a Friday night, you always reach the point of the night where you have to make to hardest decision of the night (no, not what you are going to wear) – where you are going to eat.

If you’re anything like me, no one and nothing is safe when I get the late night munchies. Sometimes I swear I could go through an entire village and eat everything. The best part? Nine out of ten times I’ll wake up the next morning guilt-free. Learn from me, and don’t be the girl that wakes up the next morning covered in raviolis.

Or even worse, waking up and realizing you spent $30 at McDonald’s and put the picture on the My Campus Snapchat story. (Yes, I actually did that… Not one of the proudest moments of my life) Instead, when it gets to that point in the night where you need a little midnight or 2 am snack, try one of these places to fix your cravings.

Taco Bell


Photo courtesy of @tacobell on Instagram

We all know it — Taco Bell is FIRE. If you are not already a Taco Bell fanatic like yours truly, then there clearly must be something wrong with you. (Kidding I’m sure you’re great, but Taco Bell is better.)

Us Alabama students know that Taco Bell is the place to go after 1 am because the drive-thru line gets backed up all the way to 15th Street. Very rarely can one drive by and not see an unreal long line for some mediocre Mexican food. Quesoritos and Crunch Wrap Supremes come in clutch when all you need is something in your tummy. Maybe Taco Bell should have a warning that you will get addicted, and thankfully, they are open until 5 am.



Photo courtesy of @dominos on Instagram

Domino’s is the epitome of a lazy drunk food. You call Domino’s 30 minutes before you’re leaving the bar, and by the time you get home, your new love (AKA the pizza delivery man) is at your doorstep with your two large pepperoni pizzas. I really don’t think there is a more beautiful sight than that right there.

Best part about Domino’s? Dining Dollars. You can thank the University for putting you in debt and then paying your drunken munchies. Only downside of Domino’s is only open until 2 am, so plan ahead my friends.

Waffle House


Photo courtesy of @ibgoodie on Instagram

Choosing to dine at Waffle House is always an experience. On Friday and Saturday nights, the Waffle House on the Strip is LIT. I like to compare my dining experience at Waffle House to a dinner show. It’s always wildly entertaining, and the later it gets, the better the show. During the agonizing 30 minute fight for a table, I have witnessed multiple girls sobbing over a waffle, people trying to pick a fight outside, and even once a couple aggressively making out in the booth behind me. (Maybe cheesy eggs are an aphrodisiac?)

Regardless of what type of entertainment you’ll witness, Waffle House’s food hits the spot. Breakfast all day every day? I don’t know about you, but my inner kid is extremely pleased.

Jimmy John’s


Photo courtesy of jimmyjohns.com

Deli sandwiches are always the move. If you want something cheap, fast and somewhat healthy, then Jimmy John’s is the place for you. Jimmy John’s are a girl’s best friend — it’s always a good decision, never disappoints AND THEY’RE OPEN TIL 3 AM! My go-to sandwich is a Club LuLu, a turkey BLT, and it’s perfection. Always reliable and always delicious.

Little Italy


Photo courtesy of @gump.life on Instagram

Little Italy, my love. When you’re craving a late night snack, pizza never disappoints. However, Little Italy pizza is on a whole new level. Little Italy comes in clutch with their delicious and HUGE slices of pizza. Literally, their slices are bigger than a small child.

Even better, Little Italy understands college students and never wants to stop the fun, so if you want to keep the party going, more power to ya. Cheap pizza and beer, what else do you really need? 



Photo courtesy of @moessouthwestgrill on Instagram

Queso. Nachos. Tacos. Burritos. Do I really need to convince you more? This food is pretty good during the daytime and only gets better as the day goes on.

Moe’s is no Chipotle, but since Chipotle closes at 10 pm, I’ll take Moe’s as a close second. Being walking distance from a majority of T-Town’s bars on The Strip, Moe’s gets super busy on weekday and weekend nights.

Quick Grill


Photo courtesy of @fat_roll_fairies on Instagram

Messy Fries: the famous drunk food of Tuscaloosa. These beautiful golden chili cheese fries are a God-given gift to college students. The food here is probably the best and worst thing you’ll ever experience in your life. Waking up the next morning with leftover messy fries or a pending charge on your card is a pretty good indicator of how your night went. You either had way too much fun at Gallette’s and stumbled your way over there, or you run into your ex with a new girl, and you look to food as source of comfort.

Quick Grill is the shack to be, and when I say shack, I mean it. This little place that many call a best friend can only fit two people in the kitchen while you order at a window outside. It’s only open at night because their main source of revenue is college students leaving the bars. Due to its cheap price and prime location, Quick Grill’s business skyrockets on the weekends.

No matter where you end up, the late night food scene will not disappoint. And even better, you have your drunken adventures to blame for calorie binge.