Disney's Animal Kingdom is giving the world a taste of outer space with the new Pandora drinks inspired by James Cameron's film Avatar.

Pandora - The World of Avatar is the latest theme park to join the Disney scene in Orlando, Florida.

The park features much of the jaw-dropping scenery featured in the film such as alien wildlife, plants that light up in the night, and the famous floating mountains of Pandora.

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It opened to the public this past weekend on May 27th, and the park was packed.

The line to get into the Pandora section of Animal Kingdom was about one to two hours long, and the lines for its two major attractions were both about three hours long.

The long wait, however, could easily be filled with entertainment such as taking pictures of the mind-boggling landscape and listening to the music of Pandora being performed live.

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None of that compared to the drinks offered at the park, however.

Its opening day was a smoldering 96 degrees Fahrenheit, so Pandora drinks were a great distraction for a three-hour long wait.

Pongu Pongu is a lounge that serves alcoholic drinks, and they were the perfect remedy to beat the summer heat.

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According to the park's story line, Pongu Pongu is a drink stand run by a human who fell in love with Pandora, and he named it "Pongu Pongu" which means "Party Party" in Na'vi, the language of the natives.

The lounge offers drinks such as Mo'ara Margarita, Mo'ara High Country Ale, and Hawkes' Grog Ale.

It also offers a non-alcoholic option called Night Blossom, a mixture of Limeade with Apple and Desert Pear flavors with passion fruit popping boba.

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The Mo'ara Margarita was delicious, sweet, and very refreshing. It's made with tequila, strawberry and blood orange flavors, and strawberry popping boba.

No matter which drink you choose, you will be transported to the world of Pandora with its bright, contrasting colors that give the drink an extra pop of sweetness.

The colors slowly lose their brightness after a while, but it's hardly noticeable by the time its sweet, refreshing taste touches your lips.

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As expected in any theme park, the drinks are a bit on the pricey side, with the Night Blossom at about $6 and the alcoholic options ranging from $8 to $10.

If you really want to go to another planet, though, you have to indulge all your senses and these drinks will have your taste buds soaring.

Visitors also have the option of getting these drinks in a cool souvenir mug that glows with a "Glowing Unadelta Seed", so they can take a bit of Pandora back home with them.

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The park has a dining area called the Satu'li Canteen, but I unfortunately didn't have the time to try its food. If you go to Pandora, be sure to check that out too.

Whether you plan to eat or not, you can't skip out on the Pandora drinks if you want to fully experience the world of Avatar.

From its floating mountains, to its thrilling attractions like the Na'vi River Journey and the Avatar Flight of Passage, to its mouth-watering drinks, Pandora - The World of Avatar is definitely a place worth visiting.

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