FINALLY. Our prayers have been answered and a bagel place has made it to Lewisburg! For the Bucknell population that mainly comes from NJ and NY, getting some real bagels at school is a long-awaited dream. All Star Bagels on Market St. is uh-maz-ing.

Even though they only opened a few weeks ago, their business is BOOMING. There is seriously always a crowd. It is actually so popular already that they've had to buy a second cash register just to keep up with the craziness.

Jessi Schlicht

It's easy to understand why All Star Bagels is doing so well because the vibe in there is perfect (just look how aesthetically pleasing the counter is). 

*Note the empty bins because these bagels are #too #damn #good. (Seriously, you have gots to get there NOW).

Sick of the long Amami Line? Well add this place to the list. Can't eat another mediocre bagel from the bison? Library bagels just not matching that NJ/NY vibe? LOOK NO FURTHER. With a 10% discount for all Bucknell students, this place makes you feel more than welcome.

On my first trip to All Star, my bacon, egg and cheese on a plain bagel (#basic) was beyond fab (some might even say eggsellent). All of their bagels are made daily and are fluffy as heck.

Since I've been back, I've ventured out a little to try their house-cured lox which is INCREDIBLE. Honestly, everything is INCREDIBLE.

You can get bulk orders for your club's next brunch, get a quick greasy egg sandwich for an emergency ~cure~, or even just grab a coffee before class. All Star Bagels is making breakfast haters change their minds FAST.

If you needed any more convincing, check out these Fan Favorites that Bucknell peeps are already freaking out about. 

 Here we've got the ultimate Sunday morning fix: "The Grand Slam" featuring 2 eggs, 2 slices of cheese, 6 pieces of bacon and a hashbrown patty. Can I get a WHOA?

Olivia Miloro

For the early morning (or early afternoon - who's counting?) sweet tooths out there, I bring you another fan fav: the chocolate chip bagel with Oreo cream cheese. Don't worry, my mouth is watering, too. 

Emily Mader

Another awesome option to make our NJ/NY peeps feel at home is the pork roll (or if you must, you can call it Taylor Ham) egg sandwich. Unless I'm missing something, no where else in Lewisburg is whipping up pork roll for your egg sammies, making this new spot that much cooler.

All Star Bagels has also made a "bison bagel" that is blue and orange in case you need one more reason to 'ray.

Whether you want sweet or savory you literally can't go wrong.  

FYI and ~Major~ #SpoonTip 

Beware that the line is a little unpredictable and since this place puts so much love into each bagel, cream cheese, and breakfast sandwich, it might take a lil longer than your typical Saturday morning Dukin drive-thru run. But... Patience, people!  It is a MUCH better option than making your own bagels and it is so so worth it. 

Overall, All Star Bagels gets a 15/10 and is a welcome addition to the Market St. eateries! If you can't make up your mind, here's a fun lil quiz to help you figure out your next breakfast order. 

Happy eating!