Amami Kitchen and Espresso Bar is located right on Market Street, and is arguably, a second home to many Bucknell students. Amami offers an extensive menu, a friendly staff, and the best lighting (#eatingfortheinsta).

But let’s face it, Amami on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday morning can get way too crowded. If you’re patient enough to stick out the line props to you, but sometimes when you’re hungry (and hungover) you don’t want to deal with that out-the-door line.

1. Rusty Rail Brewing Company

If you’re going for an authentic brunch, head on over to the Rusty Rail. Any place that offers breakfast pizza is a place worth trying, in my opinion. Don’t let the name deter you, it’s 100% worth the drive to Mifflinburg. If you’re there and feeling adventurous try their BLT Waffles, you won’t be sorry.

2. Kind Café

What better place to beat the Amami line than the sister store to Amami. With a very similar menu, its just as good, if not better, has more options and much more space. It’s in downtown Selinsgrove and is a great change of scenery. Plus, if you come here on a weekday, it’s the perfect place to get some work done.

3. Pronto! Provisions With Passion

Just a few blocks down Market Street from Amami Pronto is also a yummy alternative. Their bagel with lox is do die for. Plus, they make a mean bacon egg and cheese—a crucial tool to recover from those #wild Wednesday nights.

4. Cherry Alley Cafe

Right in downtown Lewisburg, Cherry Alley can’t be beat. With breakfast served until 3 in the afternoon, and a make-you-own omelet bar Cherry Alley is almost guaranteed to cure your hangover. (Bonus: Cherry Alley is open on Mondays, when Amami is closed.)

5. Lisa’s Milltown Deli

Lisa’s Milltown Deli offers the home cooked comfort food that you’ve ever so longed for. From their famous baked tomato soup, to their hand-crafted sandwiches and wraps, you can’t do wrong with a meal at Lisa’s Milltown Deli. The best part about Lisa’s? All day (yes, all day) breakfast on Sundays. Hit Lisa’s up for some quality brunching.

6. Ard’s Farm

Ard's Farm offers a variety of foods whether you want wings or pancakes, you can't go wrong at Ard's. There's even a market that offers homemade, locally grown produce you can shop at afterwards that surely beats going to Weis or Giant.