We all know and love White Mountain. For BC students, it's pretty much a staple of our diets. As the closest ice cream shop to campus (literally right across the street from main gate), everyone has heard of it and everyone who loves it. But, not everyone knows about an equally delicious, perhaps more impressive ice cream shop that is also extremely close to campus. 

To all of those who can remember receiving their dreaded housing assignment of Newton campus, you weren't as unlucky as you thought! If you took full advantage of this housing opportunity, you would know that just a couple of miles down the street is arguably the best ice cream in the world.  

Introducing: Cabot's Ice Cream and Restaurant

This family owned restaurant is a haven of ice cream. I mean sure, I've heard the food is pretty good. But I'm a huge supporter of having dessert for dinner, and Cabot's is the best place to do that.

First of all, the line for ice cream at this place is pretty much out the door at all times of day. It's THAT popular.

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Sophia Millares

Their ice cream menu is huge. Like if you get menu anxiety (it's a thing, subtweet @ Cheesecake Factory) then you should prepare yourself in advance. They have so many sundaes to choose from, yet while it's extremely overwhelming, it's also refreshing to know that you can basically get a chalice of any ice cream flavor and topping combination you want.

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Kathlyn Rooney

Yeah, you read that right, I said a chalice. These serving sizes are HUGE. Legit heaps of ice cream. But the best part about this unreal portion size is the topping to ice cream ratio. Most of the time when you order a large sundae, you get gypped and your topping to ice cream ratio sucks. You either drown in toppings or get way too much ice cream. Well, not at Cabot's. They put the perfect amount of toppings so that every bite of ice cream has the perfect amount of crunch, chocolate, hot fudge, or whatever other topping you fancy.

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Tori Weber

They also make the sundaes right at the counter, so if you're lucky enough to score a counter stool you get a front row seat to the most delicious show ever- the crafting of said chalices. 

Their best seller is Danielle's choice, which is Peanut Butter Cup with Reese’s ice cream topped with peanut butter fudge, covered with marshmallow and Reese’s Pieces. Yeah, peanut butter and chocolate. Name a better duo....I'll wait.

chocolate, cream, ice cream, ice
Sophia Millares

My favorite thing about family owned restaurants is their history. Cabot's has been around since 1969 and is so popular that it lasts the test of time. We spoke to Joe, the owner, about its popularity and let me tell you, this man was amazing. He explained to us that he's been working there since he was 11 and how amazing this restaurant was. I kinda wish this man was my grandpa, ngl. 

So next time your sweet tooth takes over, make your way to Cabot's. The friendly atmosphere and traditional family restaurant combined with the unbelievable food and ice cream will make your experience the best ever. Enjoy!