Boston College's selection of majors is fairly similar to White Mountain's menu-- broad and hard to choose from.  The decision of what flavor to get can be as intimidating as declaring a major.  Get some major inspiration from the ice-cream flavors below before your brain melts from the vast amount of choices.

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Alyssa Casale

Butterfingers - Major: Studio Art.

What can we say, you are blessed with great motor skills. You are always the one to excel in art class, as your talent for drawing and painting are “butter” than most. You don’t care that your friends judge you for getting this flavor because it's your uniqueness that will get your art showcased at the MFA.

Chocolate - Major: Math

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Alyssa Casale

One of the first and most important concepts that every student learns is the importance of simplification. Thus, this oldie but goodie is a mathematicians go to. It’s simple yet to the point, and like math, is an important everyday staple in our lives. How else would you know how to pay the ice-cream bill?

Chocolate Chip - Major: Communications

The value of a scoop of chocolate chip ice-cream is judged on the amount of chocolate chips, just like the value of communication is measured on the quantity of voices being heard. This flavor is not complete without the balance of chocolate and vanilla, like a communications major is not complete without efficient, interconnected communication. An ice-cream with few chocolate chips, is just as bad as Volkswagan’s latest marketing campaign. 

Cookie Dough - Major: Entrepreneurship  

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Alyssa Casale

I think we all can agree that the person who came up with putting cookie dough in vanilla ice-cream is a pure genius. He or she accomplished what you as a young entrepreneur aspire to do—innovate a product that plays an essential role in its market. White Mountain, or any ice-cream shop, would simply not be complete without its cookie dough flavor. The combination of your two favorite desserts, cookies and ice cream, inspires you with every bite. 

Chocolate Mousse - Major: Political Science

Just like any chocolate mousse you are suave with a touch of elegance. You’re rich with knowledge ranging from topics such as wealth inequality to global climate change, and are smooth enough to get your point across in any presidential debate

Death by Chocolate - Major: Pre-med

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Alyssa Casale

This ice cream is so rich that you’ll have to channel some “life saving” techniques to recover from the ice-cream coma. The amount of cocoa in this flavor supports enough glucose to last you a night of studying for the ORGO test you have at 8 am tomorrow morning.

Coffee - Major: International Studies

At one point of your BC career, you are bound to travel the world as an International Studies major. Thus, coffee ice-cream is your go to because it reminds you of the incomparable coffees you drank abroad. From that espresso you had in Italy, to the Café au Lait in France, this ice cream brings back memories of` that old school café where you spent hours studying with friends.

Mint Chocolate Chip - Major: Foreign Language

sweet, chocolate, milk, cream, candy
Alyssa Casale

A major in which your grade revolves around how well you speak requires an ice cream that doesn’t give you bad breath. Whether studying Italian, Spanish or French, you always choose mint chocolate chip to save yourself from the embarrassment of driving people away due to your smell. 

Black Raspberry Chip - Major: Women and Gender Studies

This flavor’s purple color represents the power and ambition which every student in this major embodies. The taste is as unique as the major, but nonetheless delicious.  As a fellow BC student has exclaimed, “f binaries am I right!!!"

Coffee Oreo - Major: Accounting

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Alyssa Casale

Coffee is essential to get through the 10+ hours that you will soon be working if you land a job at one of the Big Four. Journal entries and audits can get a bit tedious and time consuming so you throw in some Oreo to add a little flair to the everyday schedule.  

Fudge & Nuts - Major: Environmental Geoscience

Each of the different nuts are like the different rocks that you research in Rivers. You like to pick out the nuts and investigate the size, texture, and color because why not practice your lab skills while eating ice-cream

Vanilla - Major: English

Just like the flavor, this major is simple yet the foundation to so many important things in life. Without vanilla we wouldn’t have chocolate, and without English we wouldn’t know many of the things we do today

Strawberry - Major: Nursing

milk, sweet, dairy product, cream, rice, candy, chocolate
Alyssa Casale

Health is something that is always on your brain so you tend to go for the fruity flavors that may or may not have more nutritional value than Cookie Monster. The pink color correctly represents the 9:1 female to male ratio in CSON, but go murses am I right?

Jamaican Rum - Major: Theater

You’re as creative as the name and occasionally rely on the rum to get you through your long, demanding rehearsals at Robsham. Your alliance with other theater majors may Jamaican people crazy, but it is such relationships that make your shows incredible.

Cookie Monster - Major: Economics  

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Alyssa Casale

You obviously go for the flavor with the best marginal benefit which leads to Cookie Monster being your #1. With every bite you take you not only get the amazing vanilla based ice-cream but also an abundance of cookie dough and Oreos. Whether you’re in CSOM or A&S, it’s the best economical decision you’ll make all day.  

Sweet Cream - Major: Education

Everyday you’re given the difficult task of being on your A game. No matter how your students or boss treat you, you must always be nice and lead by example. Your patience is one of a kind, as you really are as sweet as this flavor describes.

Oreo - Major: Perspectives

Like the inner philosopher that you are, you’re not satisfied with just the plain chocolate chip cookie. You enjoy researching the meaning behind everything and do not accept what you first read as true.  Just like an Oreo is not complete without cream, neither is a conversation without some backup from Plato and Aristotle.

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Alyssa Casale

Still undecided on a major? Don’t worry, most of us are. That’s exactly what samples are for! Try a class and open yourself up to new things, that major you were afraid to try might become your next obsession. 

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Alyssa Casale