Gracias Madre, Pink Taco, Broken Spanish, Toca Madera... the list of Mexican restaurants in the Los Angeles area goes on. Some get more publicity than others due to their ambiances, occasional celebrity sitings, or signature advertised dishes. However, the one restaurant that is guaranteed to beat them all is a hidden gem in Santa Monica called Tallulah's.

Pooja Goel

Located at 118 Entrada Dr., Tallulah's will not only please your taste buds, but the traditional music, bar next to the dining area, and plants in every corner are sure to give you an experience that you will never forget. As if all of these factors aren't enough, the beach is right across the street, so it is the perfect place for you to lounge after a filling lunch or dinner. Perhaps what makes this restaurant stand out the most are the strong flavors from the spices, the cheeses, and the unique salty aftertastes. The menu is like fancier versions of home-cooked authentic Mexican.

Some recommendations... 

1. Nachos “Sencillo”: cotija & fontina cheese, spicy giardiniera, buttermilk crema, salsa

Pooja Goel

2. Thao Farms Salt Baked Sweet Potato: black rice, vaquero beans, charred chile salsa, jack cheese

3. Roasted Organic Half Chicken: fig mole, fingerling potato, tomato, housemade duck fat flour tortillas

4. Spicy Pickled Vegetables: jalapenos, carrots, onions, epazote cucumbers

5. Passionfruit Sorbet: stone ground chocolate sauce, fresh coleman family farms passionfruit, cocoa nibs

For the full menu, click here.

Pooja Goel

Perfect for every occasion... 

Whether it is your birthday, wedding anniversary, or you are simply bored on a Friday night, Tallulah's is the place to go. You will always find a mix of families with crying children, teenagers on their first date, and even girls in sweatpants detoxing after a stressful week. The staff is guaranteed to make you laugh with their jokes and cheer you up by asking you about how your week has been going. Your food will be in front of you minutes after you order, and your tip will be included in the bill so you wont have to worry about that either. 

Hit up Tallulah's next time you are in Santa Monica, and this hidden gem is sure to satisfy you in every way possible!