College and drinking are basically synonymous – after all, what else do college students do on Friday nights? There’s no doubt that each and every college is different, each with their own vibe and culture. And since students students spend so much of their time at bars, their bar of choice says a lot about their school and themselves.

To demonstrate this variety of campus culture and going-out preferences, we asked 44 schools in North America (and a bonus one from India) what their most popular campus bar is, and this is what they were more than excited to share.

From lounges with rooftop bars to dive bars that have mechanical bulls, each college bar is unique, and that’s why the students love it. College bars have become the new place for students to relax after class, to catch up with friends or to have a great night out. They’ve become a second home, and seniors will never forget the first time they puked their guts out or the last time they had a night out with their friends at their beloved bar.

If your college made the list, we hope that seeing this bar brings back happy nostalgia. And if your college didn’t, maybe this is a good time to explore outside of your comfort zone and see what these other schools are all about. But beware, you may be in for a crazy night…

Introducing the Ultimate College Kid Bar List:

1. Binghamton (Tom & Marty’s)

2. Boston College (Mary Ann’s)

3. Boston University (Tavern in the Square)

4. Bucknell University (Bull Run Tap House)

5. College of the Holy Cross (Leitrim’s Pub)

6. William & Mary (Paul’s Deli)

7. Cornell University (Level B)

8. Drake University (El Bait Shop)

9. Duke University (Shooter’s Salon)

10. Emory University (Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill)

11. Florida Atlantic University (Night Owl)

12. Franklin & Marshall College (Brickyard)

13. George Washington University (Sign of the Whale)

14. Hamilton College (Village Tavern)

15. Indiana University (Kilroy’s on Kirkwood)

16. John Hopkins University (PJ’s Pub)

17. Lafayette College (College Hill Tavern)

18. Louisiana State University (The Chimes)

19. Manhattan College (An Beal Bocht)

20. McGill University (La Distillerie)

21. Miami of Ohio University (New Bar)

22. New York University (Josie Woods Pub)

23. Northeastern University (Conor Larkins)

24. Northwestern University (Mark II Lounge)

25. Notre Dame University (Brother’s Bar and Grill)

26. Pepperdine University (The Room in Santa Monica)

27. Rochester University (The Daily Refresher)

28. Rutgers University (Olde Queens Tavern)

29. Santa Clara University (The Hut)

30. Southern Methodist University (Barley House)

31. St. Louis University (Humphrey’s Bar and Tavern)

32. Texas A&M University (Chimy’s)

33. Texas Christian University (Landmark)

34. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Kam’s)

35. University of California Los Angeles (O’Haras)

36. University of California Berkeley (Jupiter)

37. University of Delhi (My Bar and Lounge)

38. University of Maryland (Kangnam BBQ Sports Bar & Grill)

39. University of Michigan (Good Time Charley’s)

40. University of Oregon (Taylor’s Bar and Grill)

41. Vanderbilt University (Acme)

42. Virginia Tech (Top of the Stairs (TOTS))

43. Wake Forest University (Finnegan’s Wake)

44. Washington University in St. Louis (Three Kings Public House)

45. Yale University (Box 63)


1. Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY): Tom & Marty’s

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Chris Waits

If you’re looking to have a good night, Tom & Marty’s is the place to go. It’s known for its fun events like Taco Tuesdays (with cheap margaritas!) and Trivia Wednesdays. And if that doesn’t draw you in, then the shot wheel and beer towers will.

What you’re getting: A free shot, because that comes with your cover. Can we say yassss?

2. Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA): Mary Ann’s

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Photo courtesy of

Mary Ann’s in Cleveland Circle is your epitome of the typical college dive bar. If you’re looking for cocktails or decent food, this is not the place (hey, it’s nicknamed Scary Ann’s for a reason). But if you’re looking to get wasted with your BC homies, you’ve found the right place, because everyone here is from BC.

What you’re getting: Beer, because that’s just about the only thing they’ve got here.

3. Boston University (Boston, MA): Tavern in the Square

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Photo courtesy of Tavern in the Square’s Facebook page

Tavern in the Square, or TITs as the BU students call it, actually has a couple of locations in the Greater Boston Area. It’s a classy place by day and a hoppin’ bar by night. You can get massive fishbowls to share with your friends, and if you make it back for brunch the next morning, you can get Bloody Mary’s with anything from hamburgers to chicken wings on top.

What you’re getting: The craziest-looking drink you can find.

4. Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA): Bull Run Tap House

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Photo courtesy of

Bucknell students love Bull Run for its pub-esque atmosphere. It has cheap drinks and gives students somewhere non-fratty to socialize (because you know, it’s hard to really make conversation at frat parties). And they have karaoke on Thursdays, making “Thirsty Thursdays” infinitely more fun.

5. College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA): Leitrim’s Pub

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Photo courtesy of

Leit’s is in the perfect location because Blue Jeans pizza is right across the street, making it so much easier to satisfy those drunchies. Pro tip: don’t crowd around the bar — hit up the dance floor instead.

What you’re getting: Anything and everything, from sex on the beach to jello shots.

6. William & Mary (Williamsburg, VA): Paul’s Deli

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Photo courtesy of

Sometimes food > alcohol. At Paul’s, you can have both. Known for its satisfying food, W & M students frequent Paul’s because its the ideal place for just eating, drinking and chilling with friends.

7. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY): Level B

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Photo courtesy of Heather Ainsworth for The New York Times

Level B is a bar, lounge and dancefloor in the heart of Collegetown. It has an electric atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more, but what really will keep you coming back for more is their Wednesday night drink specials. From $2 shots to gallon fishbowls, there’s plenty of reason to get schwasted on a weekday.

What you’re getting: The fishbowl special. $18 for a gallon? Win.

8. Drake University (Des Moines, IA): El Bait Shop

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Photo courtesy of

With 180 taps, El Bait Shop has America’s largest selection of beers on tap. That’s enough for you to try different ones every time you come here. Even if beer isn’t your thing, their finger food most definitely will be. As Drake student Rebecca Block says, “Come for the beer, stay for the tots!”

What you’re getting: Bacon-wrapped tater tots and your beer of choice.

9. Duke University (Durham, NC): Shooter’s Salon

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Photo courtesy of the

Shooter’s Salon is a Wild West-themed bar and night club dedicated to Duke students. Unlike many places, you’re allowed in if you’re 18 — you just can’t drink. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out. With a mechanical bull and cages to dance in, you’ll have plenty of entertainment. And if you are 21, this is every drunk college student’s dream.

What you’re getting: Just get on that mechanical bull. You know you want to.

10. Emory University (Atlanta, GA): Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill

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Photo courtesy of Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill

Maggie’s is an Emory staple, and for good reason. Seniors feel a strange sort of nostalgia about the place and the times they’ve spent there, and freshmen are excited to bond with their friends in an entirely new atmosphere. Besides, Maggie’s has a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere that allows for you to be social or to just retreat into a booth with your close friends.

11. Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, FL): Night Owl

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Photo courtesy of

It can be hard to find places that have cheap drinks and tasty late night food. Night Owl thankfully has both. It’s become the go-to spot to watch a game or grab a drink. And since they have specials all Thursday through Saturday, you have an excuse to stop by all weekend.

What you’re getting: The parmesan garlic wings (they’re way better than the classic buffalo wings).

12. Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA): Brickyard

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Photo courtesy of

Restaurant by day, bar by night, Brickyard is a student favorite because it’s close to campus and has a good selection of both beer and hard alcohol. It’s your typical bar with pool tables and classic drinks, which means you’ll always know what to expect.

13. George Washington University (Washington, D.C.): Sign of the Whale

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Photo courtesy of

Sign of the Whale is a bar straight out of the movies. It has sticky floors and cheap drinks, but more than that, it has college students doing some crazy shit. You’ll see people dancing on the bar, making out with the bartender or doing a strip tease (anything for a free drink, right??).

What you’re getting: A Whale Pail (mixed drinks served in cocktail pitchers)

14. Hamilton College (Clinton, NY): Village Tavern

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Photo courtesy of The Village Tavern

There are only two bars in Clinton, but VT clearly takes the cake. It’s dark and dingy, but has good, cheap drinks. Dollar draft nights on Tuesdays means you can totally justify getting drunk on a Tuesday.

What you’re getting: Beer. As much beer as you can hold.

15. Indiana University (Bloomington, IN): Kilroy’s on Kirkwood

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Photo courtesy of

KOK has daily food and drink specials, enticing students to come here basically every day of the week. It has a more laid-back atmosphere than many of the other B-town bars, making it the bar of choice. Plus, they have $2 Long Islands on Tuesdays, which is a fantastic deal.

Don’t get too sloppy though — you’ll probably run into at least a couple of people you know here, hence the disclaimer: “Kilroy’s where everyone knows your shame.”

What you’re getting: Stuffed breadsticks and Long Islands (you can’t say you’ve been to KOK unless you’ve tried both).

16. John Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD): PJ’s Pub

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Photo courtesy of PJ’s

PJ’s is all about the convenience, really. Located literally steps away from the dorms, you have no excuse being too drunk to make it home. It’s almost exclusively filled with Hopkins students on weekends, as “PJ’s is the closest to a Baltimore dive bar as Hopkins students are willing to get,” according to Spoon writer Kevin Chang.

17. Lafayette College (Easton, PA): College Hill Tavern

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Photo courtesy of Yelp user Aaron T

College Hill Tavern is the place for students to go after parties, because it’s open late. But if you stop earlier, you can catch some of their specials like Mexican Monday ($2 tacos anyone?) or Tanked Tuesday (pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me).

18. Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA): The Chimes

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Photo courtesy of

This is the place to get “old fashioned, bullet rye extra bitters while sitting at the bar watching ESPN and bullshitting,” according to a LSU student. No other words needed.

19. Manhattan College (New York, NY): An Beal

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Photo courtesy of Yelp user Kathleen R

An Beal is preferred over some other bars in NYC because it’s less sweaty and more relaxed. Because you know, there are some nights you want to dance the night away and some nights you want to just relax and have a drink. An Beal’s is perfect for the latter.

What to get: A cosmo. And sip it while you listen to the hip artist during open mic night.

20. McGill University (Montreal, QC): La Distillerie

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Photo courtesy of

La Distillerie is classier, and its drinks reflect that. All the cocktails are well made — the hardest part is figuring out which ones you want (get them all). The line may be long at times, but is well worth the wait.

What you’re getting: A mason jar drink, even if you aren’t #basic.

21. Miami of Ohio University (Oxford, OH): New Bar

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Photo courtesy of

This 18+ bar in downtown Oxford has it all: drinks, music and dancing (sometimes dancing on tables). It’s social without being overcrowded, giving you some breathing room. Girls like the atmosphere and guys like the hot girls.

22. New York University (New York, NY): Josie Woods Pub

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Photo courtesy of

This pub is just off Washington Square Park, right by all the main campus buildings. Convenience seems to be key, since Josie is populated by tons of Greek life NYU students. If you’re looking to meet some frat bros and experience the classic pub atmosphere, it’s the place to go.

23. Northeastern University (Boston, MA): Conor Larkins

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Photo courtesy of

Conor’s is literally on campus. And as thus, it’s becoming the ultimate gathering place for Northeastern students. Whether it’s student groups hosting a trivia night or friends looking for something to do on a Friday night, it’s always filled with Huskies.

24. Northwestern University (Evanston, IL): Mark II

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Photo courtesy of

Mark II, also known as The Deuce, is a classic Northwestern destination every Thursday night. Northwestern students love to hate it, as it’s janky and you’ll most definitely get trampled on your way to the bathroom.

What you’re getting: Pepperoni pizza while you listen to a student DJ.

25. Notre Dame University (Notre Dame, IN): Brother’s Bar and Grill

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Photo courtesy of

It’s not called “Brother’s” for nothing — this bar has a laid-back atmosphere that’s perfect for just hanging with friends. Pro tip form a Notre Dame student: Go here to pregame for a night at Fever.

What you’re getting: Cheese curds (they’re better than they sound, I promise).

26. Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA): The Room in Santa Monica

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Photo courtesy of

Most Pepperdine students are lucky enough not to have classes on Wednesdays, so you’ll find a ton of them here on Tuesday nights. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect for the beachy Malibu vibes.

What you’re getting: Literally anything — they have an amazing selection.

27. Rochester University (Rochester, NY): The Daily Refresher

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Photo courtesy of

The Daily Refresher is dubbed a “gastro-lounge.” While you may not know what that means (what is a cross between a gastropub and a lounge anyway?), it’s definitely special. It has an old-timey atmosphere that’s hard to find in most places. Bonus: It’s close to most clubs in the area, so you can pregame before dancing the night away.

What you’re getting: Whiskey, and not just because it’s classy AF. They have Rochester’s largest spirit collection here.

28. Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ): Olde Queens Tavern

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Photo courtesy of

Olde Queens Tavern is rightly named — they’ve been serving Rutgers students since 1933. The line is always full of students waiting to get in because Olde Queens is genius enough to have a Blitzburger menu.

What you’re getting: Any of their drink specials — they tend to be stronger than most places, so you are most definitely getting your money’s worth.

29. Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA): The Hut

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Photo courtesy of

The Hut is Santa Clara’s legendary campus dive bar. You’ll probably see someone you know — professors included. Drink up, because it’s kinda weird to see your professor when you’re getting turnt.

30. Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX): Barley House

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Photo courtesy of

This is the go-to bar for many, many reasons: arcade games, a jukebox, a patio with a fire pit and live music on occasion. It’s perfect for socializing, since it’s not club-like at all. It’s like a dive bar in the best way, making you feel at home and suiting your every mood.

What you’re getting: Goblet sized frozen drinks (ask for the large size) and fried pickle sliders

31. St. Louis University (St. Louis, MO): Humphrey’s Bar and Tavern

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Photo courtesy of

One word: pennies. Any respectable SLU student will understand that right away, and for you non-Humps frequenters, you’ll find that this is your reason to get schwasty on a Wednesday night. Basically, your first pitcher is $9 and every one after that is a penny. Yeah, a penny.

What you’re getting: Absolutely hammered. Then wake up leisurely and head back for their all-day weekend breakfast.

32. Texas A&M University (College Station, TX): Chimy’s

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Photo courtesy of

Those lucky enough to be at Johnny Manziel’s favorite bar the night he got drafted got free drinks on him. And if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

What you’re getting: A Miller Lite and a Fireball shot (but it’s on you this time, not Johnny).

33. Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX): Landmark

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Photo courtesy of

Whether you’re looking to play arcade games or just chill on the patio, Landmark’s got it all. It’s always filled with TCU students and is the epitome of a good time. Bonus: they’re dog friendly, for all you pet-lovers out there.

What you’re getting: Free pizza, if you download a coupon on Facebook.

34. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Champaign, IL): Kam’s

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Photo courtesy of

Kam’s is self-dubbed “Home of the Drinking Illi” and is known for their variety of drink specials. It’s bound to be an interesting time, and as UIUC alum says, “Come for the Blue Guys, because you literally can’t lift your feet off the floor.”

What you’re getting: The Blue Guys, because don’t you want to find out what’s in that drink?

35. University of California Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA): O’Haras

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Photo courtesy of

Everyone who’s anyone goes to O’Haras. Or, more accurately, just everyone in general goes to O’Haras. Kudos to you if you can make it through Survivor hour on Friday’s.

What you’re getting: $1 shots during Survivor hour — good luck.

36. University of California Berkeley (Berkeley, CA): Jupiter

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Flickred!

It’s rare to find a place with genuinely good food and beer, but Jupiter has both. Their wood-fired pizzas are well-known in Berkeley, and their beer selection is extensive.

What you’re getting: A beer, a pizza and a seat on the outside patio to take advantage of that California weather.

37. University of Delhi (New Delhi, Delhi): My Bar and Lounge

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Photo courtesy of

Located right in the heart of the city, My Bar is one of the busiest. It’s a favorite amongst broke college students for its cheap alcohol and food that doesn’t compromise on the taste.

38. University of Maryland (College Park, MD): Kangnam BBQ Sports Bar & Grill

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Photo by Max Faucher

For college kids who actually want quality food and alcohol, Kangnam BBQ is the place. It’s a Korean BBQ place, meaning that you get plates and plates of meat for you to grill. Plus, you can try Korean and Japanese beers, which are $2.75 during happy hour.

What you’re getting: Korean rice wine and as much meat as you can eat.

39. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI): Good Time Charley’s

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Photo courtesy of

This U of M favorite is perfect for summer, with its outside patio. Though they have daily specials, the thing to get is a fishbowl, which will get you easily drunk.

What you’re getting: An icy drink on the patio, because it’s summertime and the sipping is easy.

40. University of Oregon (Eugene, OR): Taylor’s Bar and Grill

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Photo courtesy of Taylor’s Bar and Grill Facebook

Had a rough day of classes or just want to celebrate the weekend? Taylor’s is right on campus you can grab a drink right after class if you want. You can even grab a drink in between classes if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s spacious, so there’s room to dance at night, and has an open patio perfect for day drinking.

What you’re getting: Anything your heart desires, because the bartenders are super attentive, even when it’s crowded.

41. Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN): Acme

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Photo courtesy of

Two words: rooftop bar.

Acme has a different theme for each floor, so you can sit where you please depending on what you want to do. For example, the second floor is perfect for watching sports since there’s open seating rather than tables and has TVs everywhere. And of course, you can’t forget about their rooftop bar, which is the place to be when it’s warm out.

What you’re getting: A stunning view of Nashville’s skyline while you’re drinking on the rooftop.

42. Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA): Top of the Stairs (TOTS)

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Photo courtesy of

There’s two reasons why TOTS “is bae,” according to Virginia Tech students: 1) their giant outdoor deck and huge patio area downstairs, which is awesome during football season and nice weather; and 2) karaoke night on Tuesdays, which is “literally the best day of the week.”

What you’re getting: The Rail. It’s basically a lethal combo of everything you ever want to drink (but also never had to drink). It’s so infamous that you’ll be done after you’re done. And will probably be screaming #HAILTHERAIL while you knock over the life-size Jenga game they have for entertainment.

43. Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC): Finnegan’s Wake

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Photo courtesy of

Those looking for something more refined that your typical frat party come to Finnegan’s to get their drink on. It has a cozy bar and a patio in the back, which never closes.

What you’re getting: A scotch, because you can pretend to be all deep and mysterious. And if you actually have no idea what you’re doing and aren’t afraid to admit it, Finnegan’s claims to be “very gentle” with their new scotch drinkers…whatever that means.

44. Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, MO): Three Kings Public House

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Photo courtesy of

With its laid back atmosphere and location walking distance form campus, Three Kings is like a second home to students. It also takes Bear Bucks, so you don’t have to spend any actual money here if you’re a student. Win.

What you’re getting: Cider, fresh pretzels and toasted ravioli.

45. Yale University (New Haven, CT): Box 63

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Photo courtesy of

Box 63 has great food and a great vibe. With an outdoor patio, two bars and a main dance floor, its both spacious and accommodating. Protip: It has bottomless mimosas at brunch for $11.

What you’re getting: A burger to go with your drink.