No summer is complete without a visit to the beach. Where else would you want to go on a hot day? Whether you go to jump into the refreshing water, play beach sports, or just to relax in the sun, you cannot go to the beach without getting sand everywhere. So, what snacks are beach-proof? Here are 7 sand-proof snacks to bring to the beach.

1. Oranges, Apples, Bananas

citrus, orange
Hannah Leverson

Oranges, apples, and bananas are easy snack to grab and toss in your beach bag. Even if they fall on the sand or if you get sand in your bag, they are still in pristine condition. Just make sure not to drop your fruit after you peel them.

2. Pretzels

pastry, salt, pretzel
Isabel Wang

The pretzel shape allows sand to sift right through. Sand-free munching! Peanut butter pretzel nuggets are also a fun alternative if you need more protein and flavor.

3. Dried Fruits

pineapple, sweet, apple
Hailey Nelson

Bring some dried fruit, or make your own trail mix, for a quick and nutritious snack.  If you do get sand in your mix, just shake it off before consuming.

4. PB&J Sandwiches

jelly, peanut, cake, sandwich, butter, jam, bread, toast, peanut butter
Christin Urso

PB&J sandwiches, or any variety of sandwich, can be made very quickly and are a handy snack or meal for lounging at the beach. Just be sure not to drop it, we want a nice sandwich not a sandy-wich.

5. Granola Bars

chocolate, candy
Emma Delaney

If you just want to get a little bit of energy, granola bars come in wrappers, so they are sand-proof. 

6. Cookies

cream, coffee, cookie, cake, goody, sweet, candy, chocolate
Torey Walsh

No meal is complete without dessert. Most cookies have a dried exterior, making it harder for sand to stick to the sweet treat.

7. Coconut Water

ice, soda
Gabby Phi

Okay, so this is not a snack, but everyone needs to stay hydrated. Coconut water is "shore" to hydrate your body. Nowadays, coconut water also comes in a variety of sweet and fruity flavors, so choose one that floats your boat. Filled with electrolytes, coconut water helps replenish your body with necessary ions, keeping your body quenched

grape, juice, apple
Dorothy Ballowe

When I go to the beach, sand gets everywhere. These 7 sand-proof snacks to bring to the beach are super easy to grab and toss in your beach bag, and will not get too sandy. Of course, feel free to take whatever your heart desires to eat at the beach. Placing snacks in a plastic baggie will be helpful in keeping your food sand-free. But no matter what you decide to munch on at the beach, be sure to stay hydrated and protect your skin as well.