Over the past few years, frozen yogurt shops have been popping up everywhere from malls to college campuses. Frozen yogurt has a lower fat content than typical ice cream, which has made it quite popular. Frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles, recently announced that one of their New York City shops is selling a new Instagram worthy Galaxy Cone in celebration of the brand's 10 year anniversary.

What Is It  

The Galaxy cone is a combination of Cotton Candy and Sweet Taro Pie frozen yogurt and is served in a cotton candy cloud cone with stars and galaxy-themed hues of blue, pink, and purple. The vibrant colors give this an attractive look and the glitter provides that galaxy vibe everyone knows and loves. 

Where You Can Get It

The Galaxy cone is available for limited time only in New York City at their East Village location on 2nd ave between 10th and 9th. Their East Village location has reopened with a new look, complete with custom neon signs, signature bold colors, and exposed brick. 16 Handles will also be working with artists to paint murals to give more life to the space.