Over the past few years, edible cookie dough swept everyone from coast to coast off their feet. I mean, who wouldn't love the creamy, smooth, sweet deliciousness of cookie dough. For years home cooks across America became accustomed to getting their fix only by scrapping the extra dough from the mixing bowl and indulging in a little guilty pleasure. However, recent culinary masterminds became determined to bring their unique flair into the world of the revolutionary cookie dough trend. Shops like Edoughble, and countless others wowed everyone from young to old and presented a new dessert craze. 

However, the days of booking expensive flights to NYC to experience premier cookie dough shops are finally behind us, North Texans, thanks to the world-class desserts from the newest shop in town. The Dough Dough, open since early March of 2018, offers 13 permanent cookie dough flavors and 2 rotating seasonal creations, satisfying all your dessert needs. The diverse menu and safe to eat raw cookie dough inspired desserts make it a "must try place for anyone with a sweet tooth," according to founder, cookie dough lover, and DFW serial entrepreneur Gina Ginsburg. After the first bite, The Dough Dough transcended all my expectations and sent a clear message that the cookie dough trend finally reached Dallas.

Here's The Scoop

Noah Hutchinson

Growing up, my favorite memories of food revolve around  baking. The warm aroma of fresh treats steaming from the oven, the astonishing attention to detail in every swirl and loop streaming out of the piping bag, and of course, the heaven-like moment of licking every last bit of raw cookie dough from the bowl. Which explains the pure joy and serenity I experienced with my first bite of the sublime and glorious creations of The Dough Dough.

As I mentioned earlier, The Dough Dough offers unreal flavors of premier cookie doughs: Birthday Party, Brownie Batter Up, Gluten Free Original "C", Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Cutter, Naked Original, Nutella Wipe Out, Original C Chocolate Chip, Peanut Buddy, S'more Please, Snickerdoodle-Doo, Sugar Cookie Cutter, The Chocolate Grizzly, Cookies and Cream, The Junkyard, Vegan Chocolate Chip, and rotating seasonal flavors.  A mouthful, I know, but trust me, you'll want to have every single one of them. This dessert sanctuary even offers Dog Dough so every man's best friend can get in on this deliciousness.

My Experience

Noah Hutchinson

I've been following The Dough Dough on social media for a while, so when I found out that they would be opening a storefront in Dallas I was ecstatic and of course, had to make a visit ASAP. After tasting a few of their exquisitely creative and unique flavors, it became rather difficult to decide which combinations to select to make up the three scoop bowl. However, I narrowed it down and decided my personal favorites to be the Junkyard and the Birthday Party.

But the flavor that gave me a glimpse into heaven was the all-time best cookie dough flavor ever: Cookies and Cream. It sounds like the most ironic idea to mash up cookies into a cookie dough, but this creative and pure bliss of culinary skill from the Dough Dough created one of the best bites I've ever taken. The smooth texture of the terrific cookie dough allows the crunchy and wonderful bites of Oreo to shine through and deliver an unparalleled experience for all to enjoy. `The elegant and one of a kind options, combined with the terrific customer service and attention to detail makes The Dough Dough not only one of the best new shops in all of Dallas but has quickly established its place in the cookie dough trend.