When Cookie DŌ first blew up, I quickly became intrigued. Yes, the concept of edible cookie dough is brilliant, however, Cookie DŌ can be expensive and inaccessible to students. That's where Edoughble comes into play: An affordable, family-owned, all-natural edible cookie dough company. 

Behind Edoughble

Back in 2009, Nestlé Toll House recalled its cookie dough products due to risks associated with E. coli. As a lover of all things cookie dough, pastry chef Rana Lustyan founded Edoughble. Lustyan wanted to create an edible cookie dough product that proves both safe to consume and delicious.

Cookie dough fans, rejoice: This innovative company's cookie dough remains free of raw eggs, raw flour and chemical leaveners. Plus, the products are non-GMO and hormone-free. After hearing about this company and these health perks, I tried four of its cookie dough flavors, and here's what I thought. 

Chocolate Chip Off the Ol' Block

Undoubtedly, chocolate chip cookies are a classic in the dessert arena. With Edoughble's Chocolate Chip Off the Ol' Block, you get that beloved classic taste without the potentially harmful ingredients.

Created with Belgian chocolate and secret ingredient apple sauce, this is one of the creamiest cookie doughs I've had the pleasure of tasting. Trust me, this product is just as addicting as your grandma's recipe (and that's tough to beat). 

Cookies 'N Dream

Let's be frank: Oreos are the perfect addition to anything sweet. These crunchy, heavenly guys are in everythingever heard of Slutty Brownies? So, adding Oreos (or all-natural chocolate sandwich cookies in this case) to cookie dough is a no-brainer. 

The Cookies 'N Dream flavor was a little slice of heaven. The base of the cookie dough is the normal recipe with the addition of cocoa powder and all-natural chocolate sandwich cookies (sadly, Oreos are not exactly a health food). This creation gives you the vanilla frosting of the Oreo creme and the satisfying crunch of the actual cookie. What more could you want?

Vegan Birthday Bash 

For all the vegan cookie dough lovers of this world: Edoughble did not forget about you guys. In addition to its impressive list of flavors, Edoughble features several vegan and gluten-free flavors. I sampled Birthday Bash, which contains a sugar cookie base, swirls of vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Need I say more?

Lady in Red Velvet Chip

Imagine the best red velvet cake you've ever tasted: It's chocolaty, rich and topped with a creamy frosting. Now, imagine those flavors in a cookie dough form—with the addition of white chocolate chunks and vanilla bean—and you've got yourself a serving of Edoughble's Lady in Red Velvet Chip. Although difficult to pick one, this flavor was my favorite.

The next time you're craving a major spoonful of cookie dough and a flashback to your childhood (am I the only one that ate cookie dough by the pound as a kid?), look no further than Edoughble. With nationwide shipping, an extensive list of flavors and options for every diet, Edoughble is the obvious choice.