Eating plant-based is something that I do as much as I possibly can, for a variety of reasons and benefits. As I've ventured into this kind of diet, I've found myself missing one specific kind of food the most: brunch food. True Bistro's vegan brunch changed that.

Inconspicuously nestled in between a number of shops and restaurants in West Somerville, True Bistro is an all-vegan restaurant that offers an inclusive, next-level cuisine. I heard about it through a Boston-based food Instagram and, after a closer investigation, found out that they offer a vegan brunch. I was sold; I had to try it. So, on a Saturday morning, me and one of my vegan friends decided to try it out.

Ashley Justiniano

The restaurant itself is sleek and refined on the inside, with big windows and monochrome colors. At a glance, the brunch menu is absolutely mouthwatering. They have both sweet and savory options to satisfy any craving. They have crepes and waffles, tofu scrambles, sandwiches, seitan burgers, and salads. The side menu includes homemade biscuits, warm banana bread, mac and cheese, and more.

Not being able to settle on one option each, we decided to split a few sides in addition to our individual meals.

The Folded Crepe

Ashley Justiniano

For my meal, I decided to get a folded crepe with blueberries, lemon, and lavender ice cream. The blueberries were cooked down into a compote, and the lavender ice cream was from FoMu, a vegan ice cream shop based in Boston. It was AMAZING. The crepe tasted exactly like a non-vegan crepe and the ice cream was smooth and creamy, and the lavender flavor was spot-on.

The way the ice cream melted amidst the heat of the blueberry compote was so delicious and satisfying that I ate the entire thing in under ten minutes. My friend got a waffle with strawberries and chocolate-hazelnut spread and it, too, was delectable.

Side Dishes

Ashley Justiniano

For sides, we split three things. The one that I was most excited to try, though, was the vegan mac and cheese. I've been completely dairy free for almost a year now, and the mac and cheese is what I miss the most. This mac and cheese, however, was one of the BEST vegan mac and cheese dishes I've ever had. The flavor wasn't 100% like real cheese, but it was pretty darn close. The breadcrumbs on top were also a great textural touch.

Ashley Justiniano

The other two sides we split were home fries and a biscuit. The home fries were pretty classic but still delicious, and the biscuit was mind-blowing. I hadn't had one since going dairy free, and the texture was fluffy and paired perfectly with the apricot jam.

Ashley Justiniano

The Verdict

Overall, I was more than impressed by True Bistro's brunch menu. Honestly, if I was taken there and not told that it was vegan, I would believe it. Also, it wasn't nearly as expensive as I expected it to be. I spent a little over twenty dollars on my meal and splitting the three sides. When it comes down to it, True Bistro has a delicious delicious, expansive brunch menu that anybody would enjoy. I'll definitely be returning to try the dinner menu.