Are your parents coming to visit this weekend? Are you stressed about what to do while they are in town for graduation? Are family reunion dinner reservations on you this time? Whether you want to impress your parents or you simply want them to think you have higher standards than Dominos and Top Ramen for every meal, you’ll definitely find a restaurant to go to with your parents on this list. 

1. Bruxie 

cheese, bacon, chicken, waffle
Drew Petersen

If you’re looking for a spot to eat after showing your parents around campus, Bruxie is a great idea! Located directly across the street from Memorial Lawn, and just down the road from Dodge, Bruxie is the perfect restaurant. Serving up delicious waffle sandwiches and milkshakes, everyone will find something they love on this menu. 

2. Francoli Gourmet

tomato sauce, vodka, basil, tomato, sauce, pasta, penne
Bailey Grayson

Located just in the Old Towne Orange Circle, Francoli is a great spot to hit after wandering through all the antique shops and boutiques. Keep in mind, though, this beautiful little Italian restaurant is definitely on the fancier end of the scale so it’s great for special occasions or if you’re ready to blow a little bit of cash.

3. Watson's Soda Fountain & Cafe

Also located in the Old Towne Orange Circle, is another great spot to stop for breakfast, lunch, or dinner after wandering through the antique shops and boutiques. The restaurant itself has a really fun atmosphere and actually has a lot of history to it. I know my parents always love it! 

4. Orange Hill Restaurant

Orange Hill, while being on the expensive side, is an awesome place to take parents, especially if it’s for a special occasion like Graduation. This restaurant is located down Chapman Avenue and is on top of one of the tallest hills in the area, allowing you to see a view of all of Orange. 

5. Anaheim Packing District 

The Packing District is always a spot that my parents enjoy because there are so many food options, it's like a giant food court! The building itself is very aesthetically pleasing and there is also live music on weekends. Definitely a crowd favorite. 

6. Oak Grill 

This is another restaurant that is on the fancier side. Oak Grill at The Island Hotel has amazing food and an even more amazing outdoor seating area. There is a beautiful patio with a bar, fire pits, and even nightly live acoustic music. 

7. The Cliff 

Located right in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach, this is a really fun spot to take visitors. The seating is right on the ocean (on a cliff, of course) which makes it a really fun time. The food is always fresh and it gives you a perfect opportunity to wander around all of the cute Laguna shops and art galleries, or maybe even take a stroll along the beach!  

8. Bear Flag Fish Co. 

hot dog, chicken, tacos
Drew Petersen

If you’re trying to have a beach picnic, Bear Flag Fish Co. is definitely the go-to. The atmosphere at the restaurant itself is also awesome, but most if not all locations are directly across from the beach, so why not grab some tacos and a blanket and catch the sunset with the ‘rents?! Not to mention, the fish is absolutely delicious! 

9. 4th Street Market

bacon, grilled cheese sandwich, cheddar, sandwich, macaroni, cheese
Christina Yannello

Similar to the packing house, 4th Street Market is a great place to take parents when none of you can decide what you want to eat. This location is a little bit smaller and has less options, which can be helpful for some groups! There is outdoor seating in the back with picnic tables, games, and sometimes even live music or poetry. Fourth Street in Santa Ana is also a nice street to take a walk down to digest the delicious food you enjoy at 4th Street Market. 

10. Ruby's Shake Shack

It may seem a little odd to put Ruby’s on the list, but this adorable little shake shack located right on the PCH is an amazing spot, especially to catch the sunset! Grab some diner food and a milkshake and take in that ocean breeze with your parents. It is sure to be a hit. 

Entertaining visitors can be challenging, especially when these visitors are your parents. If you're looking for somewhere to impress your parents, or maybe thank them for paying your college tuition, look no further than the list above. Have fun (& good luck)!