As a local, I feel qualified to share with you the best spots to order food from while you're in Daytona Beach. Having spent the majority of my summers in the Atlantic Ocean, I'm all too familiar with how drained you'll feel after passing a day away in the sun. Luckily, the option to get delivery services in Daytona Beach will heal your spirit and get you ready for any Spring Break adventure that comes next. Here are the top five places to get delivery in Daytona Beach over Spring Break.

1. Giuseppe's Steel City Pizza

Giuseppe's Steel City Pizza is a family-owned favorite that prides itself on making their pizzas by hand and baking them on stone. In addition to pizza, their menu holds sliders, subs, and wings that will have you calling Daytona Beach your home away from home.

2. China One

As a buffet and delivery-style restaurant, China One provides all the Chinese classics you'll crave after a long day of bodysurfing. Be sure to try the fried rice and the bourbon chicken alongside some lo mein. After mixing and matching different meals with friends, you'll be back on the beach in no time.

3. Oliv Epicurean Grill

Ever tried falafel? Now's your chance. The Oliv Epicurean Grill is as prestigious as it sounds. Locals love this restaurant since it serves unique salads, wraps, and bowls. Healthy eating is possible during Spring Break with this unique delivery in Daytona Beach that is sure to give you the strength to finish the week strong. 

4. The Original Stavro's Pizza House

Pizza is the perfect breakfast if you are going to be sitting in the sun for hours. Stavro's has all your Italian favorites served in generous portions that will keep you energized until your midday nap. If you're feeling like you need to eat a vegetable to make your parents proud, don't miss out on their world famous Greek salad.

5. Jimmy John's

It's a household name for a reason. Jimmy John's "freaky fast" delivery might be an essential for your week of fun. Can you imagine burning out, and it only being 2 pm? Just call Jimmy John's for delivery in Daytona Beach and recharge with their well-known gourmet sandwiches in a timely manner.