Columbus is more than the land of the scarlet and gray Buckeyes or The Biggest Small Town In America, it’s a city with tons of places to eat. This highly welcoming, artsy town is filled with restaurants for every set of taste buds. 

If you’re ever anywhere near OSU, you'd better try all the food in the city. To make this mission easier, try these 50 places first!

NOTE: These are in no particular order. 

1. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Yes, you read that correctly—SPLENDID ice creams! These ice creams are like no other. With flavors like wildberry lavender and brambleberry crisp, there is no chance you’ll find anything better elsewhere. While Jeni’s does have locations outside Ohio, you’ll thank C-Bus for starting such a thing, and if you're really trying to get some Jeni's, like now, you can order online.

2. Northstar Cafe

If you've never eaten a Northstar Burger, then you’re kinda missing the point of Columbus. Besides offering this totally sustainable, organic, vegetarian sandwich, Northstar Cafe has tons of other healthy (and delicious) food options. Most menu items can be served vegan and you can order thin crust pizzas, too. 

3. North Market

Alright, hipsters—this one’s for you! North Market is located in the hip arts district, the Short North. This market carries tons of merchants who serve everything from Indian food to sushi. This market also sells artisan goodies from brewers and bakers.

4. Hang Over Easy

If you’re spending any time near Ohio State, you’re going to go out and you will have a very good time. If the alcohol gets to you, this restaurant's got you covered. For a very low cost, you can find all your brunch favorites. Everything they can offer, from their eggs to their chicken 'n' waffles, makes for a breakfast that cures all.

5. Buca di Beppo Columbus

Is there anything better than enjoying a big Italian family dinner on a weeknight? Nope. This restaurant serves table-sized pasta, pizza and chicken dishes. Added plus, the restaurant is located near many Columbus attractions, including a piano bar. (Bachelorette party idea, anyone?) 

6. Hai Poké

It’s not Ohio, it’s O-HAI-O. Anyway, if you thought New York or Los Angeles were the only places to find a poké bowl, you’re lying to yourself. Sorry mega city people, but Columbus has really good poké. With three locations in Columbus, you can order yourself a classic bowl of salmon, tofu or tuna poké.

7. Zoe Cafe

Nobody forgot about you, Bexley. Your food rocks, too! This is a restaurant that still serves their drinks in cute Mason jars and healthy-sized portions of everything. Think of this place as your traditional lunch joint: A place where you can find great soups, salads (like above), brunch dishes—and more!

8. Marcella’s

Located in the Short North and at Polaris, everyone loves Marcella’s. This restaurant has a fantastic menu which offers everything an Italian restaurant should offer: antipasti, cheeses, pizza favorites and, of course, pasta. 

9. The Brown Bag Deli

You’ll definitely want to document your lunch at this German Village joint. With a menu that offers classic salads and sammies, you can customize your meal any way you like. The sandwiches can be filled with killer items such as cranberry mayo, bacon and roast veggies. Vegan sandwich options are readily available, too! 

10. Fusian  

If you could create your very own sushi roll, what would it look like? A Fusian roll, of course! Fusian is a place that allows you to create your fantasy basket of soosh. Yes, that's right. CREATE your own roll, and fill it up with your hearts desires. Want to be wild and pair steak with tofu in your roll? Done! 

11. Basi Italia 

In a city that's located so far from Italy, you'd think Italian restaurants would be scarce. Turns out, Basi Italia is yet another great place to enjoy bruschetta and risotto. This place is trendy and you'll love the cute atmosphere. 

12. Bibibop Asian Grill

Just like Chipotle, you can build your own bowl, salad or roll. Unlike the land of guac, this place gives on-the-spot ordering an Asian twist. Bibibop's customizable menu is even perfect for any vegan, paleo or gluten-free eater. Just go down the line, pick a base, a protein, some toppings, and extras, and you'll have a filling meal.

13. Whit's Frozen Custard

If regular ice cream gives you brain freeze, worry no more. Columbus is home to a beloved frozen custard and coffee shop, Whit's. This place is located throughout Ohio, but it offers several simple, frozen sweet treats that are served at a temp that's a few degrees lower than bone-chilling ice cream. 

14. Katzinger's Delicastessen

Yet, another deli located in the heart of German Village that everyone has to try out. This place serves grocery-favorite sandwiches, soups and salads. All sandwiches can be served in two sizes to fit your wallet and your appetite. And, the menu does offer both Rueben's and vegan sammies. 

15. Kooma Sushi

If you're ever in the Arena District and in need of sushi, this is where you'll be eating. Kooma serves rolls and sushi platters with less-than-ordinary twists. For example, the standard California roll can be made with coconut. Yum! 

16. Piada Street Food

Have you ever wondered if Chipotle could learn Italian? Well, wonder no more. Piada serves customizable pasta bowls, salads and Piadas, of course. What are Piadas? They're sort of like Italian quesadillas, filled with yummy mozzarella and parmesan cheese. 

17. The Sycamore, German Village

This hip joint offers all our foodie favorites. This tavern's exposed brick walls give it a relaxed, casual feel. Their menu offers high-level locally sourced food and serves everything from crab cakes to grilled ahi tuna. And because this is a tavern, both the beer and wine are exceptional. 

18. Condado Tacos

Tacos are everyone's best friend. They look good on all forms of social media and they taste great. This place serves the best build-you-own tacos in the Short North and to wash things down, you can get yourself a righteous margarita or tequila mixer. 

19. Bareburger

Sustainability is a major trend in hamburgers. These free-range, gluten-free, humane burger meats are why Clintonville is the place it is. Located close to OSU campus, these burgers can be topped off with atypical things, including pickled green tomatoes. 

20. Mikey's Late Night Slice

If there is a time you need a slice the most, it's after midnight. If there's a place to grab a slice, it's at this four-location pizza landmark. The original Short North location was once a little parking lot joint, but it's now a cute little patio that allows its customers to enjoy a drink and a slice. In a Netflix mood? They have pick-up, too! 

21. ZenCha Tea Salon

Did someone say tea time? Actually, it's time for a relaxing cup of loose-leaf tea after a long day of visiting art galleries. This tea shop serves food and is the perfect place to go if you need to dine alone. They serve healthy, Japanese-inspired items you'll love, and don't forget to order a side of bubble tea to go. 

22. Nida's Thai on High

Here you go, a place in C-Bus that serves pho (fuh', not faux)—and Thai food. The modern Asian restaurant atmosphere will leave you craving everything from spring rolls to Pad Thai. The food at this restaurant can also be eaten at North Market, but if you want to sit down and indulge in a big noodle bowl, this is the place to be. 

23. Level Dining Lounge

The Short North's highest standard in dining and mixology means being a restaurant that proves how welcoming Columbus is. This LGBTQ culinary favorite not only hosts great events but serves great food as well. They really know how to take the simplest of  to the next level (pun totally intended). 

24. Union Café

Speaking of the LGBTQ scene in Columbus, this gay bar is a great place to eat if while you're waiting for a night of drinking, mingling and karaoke. As a restaurant, this place does Tequila Tuesdays and Sunday brunch with build-your-own Bloody Marys. 

25. Forno

This stone-fired eating experience has both shareable and single-sized portions of Italian-American cuisine. Every kind of gourmet pizza imaginable is made inside this restaurant's oven, and this place has you covered for brunch, too!  

26. Zest Juice Co

A city would be totally incomplete without a place to cleanse. After eating your way through all these restaurants, this juice restaurant will help you rejuvenate with all their juices, smoothies, bowls and shots. Don't worry, they serve food too.

27. Oodles Noodle & Dumpling Bar

Now that you've cleansed your soul with juice, it's time to eat again. And what better way to do that than delicious Asian noodles? The casual atmosphere of Oodles will make you crave pan-tossed noodles and edamame. Besides, your wallet will thank you for the great pricing, too.

28. Short North Piece of Cake

You cannot leave a city without judging its cupcakes. If you're in Columbus, you better try this place because the cupcakes are tasty and totally Instagram-worthy. And, if you end up getting married in this town, this place has the wedding cake for you. 

29. Portia's Café

Okay, strict vegans, this one is for you. This restaurant is entirely vegan and also offers plenty of options to those who eat raw. And no—nothing on the menu is "boring." All foods are fun, brunch-friendly and delicious. Want raw spinach dip? It is on the menu. 

30. Pattycake Bakery

Who knew being vegan in Columbus could be so sweet or cute? Pattycake knew. All the sweets here are hand-crafted, organic and made with love. Everything from the cute whoopie pies and cupcakes is sold in biodegradable packaging. 

31. Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

Dogs are something you can enjoy if you're vegan, if you're sober, if you're drunk—or if you're in Columbus. Dirty Franks offers cheese dogs (as seen above) for all those reasons at their downtown location until 1:45 a.m. You'll be amazed at how many things are available on their menu. 

32. Skillet: Rustic. Urban. Food.

Go ahead and place a fried egg inside that pulled pork sandwich. #Foodporn! This restaurant serves such a sandwich AND gives back to society by helping their local farmers and craftsmen. You'll find many other lovely dishes here, including steak and egg, and this and that. 

33. Gatsby's

If you're in town to see an Ohio State game with the family and want to get out of the inner city, head out to Gahanna for dinner. This restaurant is your average all-American restaurant that serves our favorite roast beef clubs and hot wings. Perfect for after watching an important game! 

34. Moshi Sushi

In Bexley, you'll find sushi that feeds the eyes just as much as it does your mouth at Moshi. This creative Japanese sushi joint sets itself apart from other sushi places by serving an OHIO roll. Yes, an OHIO roll! It's filled with sweet potato and cream cheese.

35. C'est Si Bon Cafe

In case you thought you had to leave Ohio to taste France, you're wrong—this place has the best crepes, ever. Besides, they all look super cute on a plate as they are drizzled with chocolate and powdered sugar. Some of their crepes make for a savory meal. 

36. Pocket Produce

If you walk along High St., you'll end up in Clintonville–home to this healthful place. Foods served here are meant to provide customers with convenient wellness. That's to say that this place provides people with beautiful salads to go. 

37. Harvest Pizzeria

The restaurant's website says, "local tastes better," and its customers could not agree more. With three locations, you can order yourself a pie made with ingredients that are supplied from farmers in the area. And you better believe (even though Cols is a city) if it's farmed in Ohio, it's the best. 

38. Meshikou

Two words: Ramen noodles. Mmm! We all know Columbus can get a little cold, given the Ohio weather. But soup bowls will keep you warm and fed on any C-Bus day. Just start with an appetizer like edamame and continue your meal by diving deep into a bowl of noodles. 

39. Table by Market District

Columbus is a welcoming, family-friendly city and its restaurants are the same way. This little dining experience provides hungry Buckeyes with just that. And by offering classic comfort foods like soup, salad and truffle fries, anyone can enjoy a great meal at this place. And did we mention the craft beers available? 

40. The Top

This restaurant was opened before many of our parents were alive—it started in 1955. In a city that has something for all, having a good steak restaurant is key. Start your meal off right with one of their innovative salads and finish it off with a juicy charbroiled steak. Just don't forget about the mac and cheese on the menu! 

41. El Arepazo

If you're going to spend any time in the Brewery District of this city, you'll need a place to eat. That place would be this Venezuelan restaurant—it offers everything from arepas to empanadas. ¡Ay! This place's menu will fill you up, and they've got two other C-Bus locations you'll have to try, as well. 

42. Bodega

The nightlife on High St. is so incredible that brunch is a top priority. At bodega, you'll be able to enjoy tons of early-morning cocktails (#mimosas) and smoked salmon bagels. Time for dinner? Stick around for the Bodega "Big Mic" (Psst! It's a cheeseburger.)!

43. Champaign Berry Farm

It'll open up again once the weather gets a little warmer (Yes, Ohioans do enjoy spring and summer!) so you might as well get excited now. Located just outside the city, this place has must-eat red and black raspberries. Local foodies will appreciate! 

44. Buckeye Donuts

This list would be incomplete without a mention of donuts. After leaving the city for berries, you'll be happy to return to the 614 after eating one of these donuts. Yes, this place is open 24/7 and you can get your hands on a Buckeye donut at any time! 

45. Katalina's

Are those Nutella-filled pancake balls? Yes they are! This place is a small cafe with a lot to offer. Like many restaurants in the area, the food is made from local ingredients. Besides offering the world's best b'fast treat, the menu is Latin yet Southern. 

46. Mozart's

You've probably already guessed what makes this restaurant special—it's a piano café. Besides the calming classical music offered, this place has a bakery and really good food. Be sure to enjoy all the smoked salmon plates Mozart's has to offer. 

47. Figlio

Time for carbs, Upper Arlington people! This wood-fired pizza restaurant serves great flatbreads (as pictured above), salads and pastas. This place has great patio outdoor seating and tiramisu. Fun fact: the founders of this restaurant met at OSU and had no idea they would ditch law school for great food! 

48. Bakersfield

Want tacos? Want tequila? Want whiskey? Come here. Located in the Short North, Bakersfield has the best of all these things. This place also has plenty of things we also love: vegetarian options, guac, papas—and alcohol to wash it down.

49. The Thurman Cafe

Come experience The Thurmanator (the ultimate burger)! This burger has more layers that Mother Earth does, so you kind of have to try it. But, if your appetite isn't that big, then you'll find plenty of other appetizers you'll enjoy (AKA, jalapeño poppers). 

50. Schmidt's Sausage Haus and Restaurant

The sausage at this restaurant was voted the official food of Columbus. Yes, that's right! The Bahama Mama is considered the 'real' taste of German food in German Village. Beyond this menu item, this city food super company has its own food truck, too! 

There you have it. If you're ever in the 614, put each of these places at the top of your BUCKEYE-et list!