I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream—right? Actually, you might think differently once you get a taste of Whit's Frozen Custard. 

Whit's, located just diagonally from Alumni Gateway at Ohio University, serves the OU community one of Athens' best sweet treats ALL DAY.

Here's why their custard is seemingly better than any regular ice cream you've had:

1. The texture

Whit's serves custard that is softer, thicker and creamier than your average soft serve—it literally melts in your mouth. There's nothing else like it, and regular ice cream just doesn't compare.

2. It is so simple, yet so good

Whit's only offers three flavors at a time: chocolate, vanilla and a weekly flavor. This might sound limiting, but simplicity is key when dealing with custard. As they say, less is more, and a simple scoop of vanilla custard can work wonders for anyone's tastebuds.

3. Their weekly flavors can cheer up anyone's day

From flavors like Penguins Tracks to Cookie Monster, Whit's knows how to please their customers. Since these flavors only last a week, you'll crave them when they're no longer flavor of the week. So try all these rad flavors before they're gone, or you might have to wait a whole year for that 'special' flavor to return... 

4. Whit's employees put in some hard core dedication

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Every batch of Whit's frozen custard is made daily starting at 6 am. (You read that correctly—some people graciously wake up super early to make frozen custard... at six in the morning.) Their employees care so much about their customers that they're willing to get right to work before classes even start.

5. Their famous 'Whitser' is a must-try

Still think only having three flavors to choose from is boring? Think again. Whit's offers a special sundae called the Whitser. The Whitser allows you to mix a few candies together with any of their custards. This sundae is kinda your golden opportunity to finally create your own ice cream flavor. 

6. Whit's Custard is served 10 degrees warmer than ice cream

Bye, bye brain freeze! Now, I know what all of you are thinking, "how can frozen custard be thicker and creamier than ice cream if it is served 10 degrees warmer?" Answer: the high butterfat content in their custards make for a more comfortable eating temperature.  Butterfat is what gives this custard the richness that makes it oh so unique.