Myers-Briggs can tell you a lot about the role you play in your day-to-day life — in the office and in your personal life. But now, this awesome personality test is also here to tell you which sushi roll you play on a delicious platter of sushi.

Yes, that’s right. It’s time to learn which sushi roll you are once and for all. Before we begin, here’s a rundown of what each letter means:

I stands for introversion (we all know what an introvert is), as compared to a sushi roll with rice on the inside; E stands for extroversion, as compared to a roll with rice on the outside.

N stands for intuiting, so think of innovative sushi rolls; S stands for sensing, so think classic sushi rolls.

F stands for feeling, and these sushi rolls feel great to eat; F stands for thinking, and eating these sushi rolls will help one think better.

P stands for perceiving, which means the roll has a lot to offer; and finally, J stands for judging, which means the roll is simple and delicious.

Anyway, that was a bigger mouthful than a bite of soosh. Without further ado, see below to learn which roll you are.

INFP - Avocado Roll

Okay, we get it — you’re the quiet one in the room. Don’t worry, it’s totally okay to be a little bit reticent. People will eventually notice you because you're the shit. Some people order a side avocado roll with their high-calorie shrimp tempura roll to be healthy, and chances are this roll will be eaten last. But that’s okay, avo rolls are the shit, just like you!

INFJ - Quinoa-Infused Roll

It's hard to encounter someone like you. Even if someone does, they’ll really have to spend time getting to know you. Unless you live near the best Whole Foods, quinoa sushi is hard to encounter. As soon as someone does encounter this kind of roll, it'll take the eater awhile to accustom to the half-rice, half-quinoa texture. 

INTP - Eel Avocado Roll

“You do you” is your life motto. You probably think all the time to yourself: Why do anything that's popular? To be honest, being an individual is probably the best thing to do. Few sushi eaters go to restaurants to order whole plates of eel avocado rolls, but a few do. And people who order this way do because they feel ultra-popular rolls (like California rolls) are a ton of crap.

INTJ - Dynamite Roll

Alright intellectuals, everyone knows your mind is crazy stimulated with ideas right now. Knowing you, you actually strive to commit to these ideas so you can turn them into tangible, larger-than-life things. With tons of toppings and fillings, your average dynamite roll is able to be everything and more.

ENFP - Shrimp Tempura Roll

It’s very easy for someone like you to go overboard with everything… like, everything. You live life to its fullest, and at times this is can be very tiring. However, people love this about you because you bring so much energy to the room. People always get excited about the light that shrimp tempura rolls bring to a sushi platter. But these rolls are really high in calories, so maybe don't go overboard here.

ENFJ - Hand Roll

Going out of your way for others is so second nature to you, you often forget about all your personal needs. It’s okay, though — lots of people deeply appreciate you for this. Since they do, there's a chance you are popular among many groups of people. Hand rolls, like you, are very popular among sushi lovers. And why is that? Hand rolls serve all sushi fillings. 

ENTP - Cucumber-Wrapped Roll

Seeing life in an innovative light is how you roll. You’re always finding new ways to solve problems. Given the amount of rice in sushi, a small roll can quickly up your daily carb intake. Why is that a problem? Umm, the Atkins diet! Like you, the cucumber wrap is the innovative solution to this problem.

ENTJ - Philadelphia Roll

Nobody has time to wait. Well, you don't at least. You're always super busy and eating a meal is an activity someone like you has to do in a hurry. Since a beautiful sushi platter takes a while to prepare, the best fix for the craving is a stop at the local bodega for a fully-cooked Philadelphia roll (yes, that smoked salmon is cooked).

ISFP -  Rainbow Roll

Is there anything better than a canvas and some time for art? Nope. You always go out of your way to create things people can enjoy with their five senses. As you probably think, everyone likes to look at things that are colorful, and everyone loves the colorful, visual sensation of a rainbow sushi roll. It's the perfect thing to post to your already perfect Insta. 

ISFJ - Salmon Avocado Roll

Simplicity is key to everything in life. You are a natural caregiver. To provide care, you go very far out of your way but often receive very little in return. But we all know you wouldn’t have it any other way, and others really love you for your care and simplicity. Salmon avocado rolls are probably the most simple sushi roll on a sushi platter, but they feed the soul and everyone loves them.

ISTP - Tuna Roll

Life is filled with bullshit everywhere you turn. You hate playing around, and everyone seems to be trying another way of doing things. In reality,  life could be much easier if people just did the right thing. Tuna rolls, the kind with the rice inside the roll, are the right kind of sushi roll. They taste great on their own despite being so plain.

ISTJ - Yellowtail Roll

Everyone seems to hate straightforwardness, but you don’t understand why. Anything outside-the-box exhausts you and you are quite comfortable with your ways. Yellowtail rolls are very simple sushi rolls and nothing about them is outside-the-box. Just pick up with your chopsticks, dip it into some soy sauce and enjoy—it’s that simple.

ESFP - Specialty Roll

Alright, center of attention—we’re handing you the mic. You see life as a stage. This isn’t to say that you are narcissistic or anything, it’s just to remind you that everyone loves your jokes and the light you bring to the party. In a perfect world, no two days look the same and that’s why you’re just like the specialty roll on the menu—it'll never be served the same two days in a row. 

ESFJ - California Roll

Playing it cool is the best way to befriend laid-back people. You are popular for being aware of your surroundings and for being easy to talk to. At times you might have seemed like a fake person, but hey, most people still liked you. To some, the California roll is considered fake sushi (it’s not raw) but it can’t help that it’s popular, just like you.

ESTP - Dragon Roll

People should always go big or go home. You are usually the loudest one in the room—the thought of ever shutting up never crosses your mind. This is a really good thing, it allows you to be really assertive. Most people would love to be as exciting as you, and most sushi rolls probably wish the same. A dragon roll can light up any platter of sushi, given all its toppings and garnishes.

ESTJ - Spicy Tuna Roll

Life should always be a challenge no matter what. You believe people need to take more risks, and your goal is to make sure that everyone can. People admire your fearlessness and consider you a leader. To motivate others, you have to do things that are uncomfortable, even though these things turn out great. Spicy tuna rolls are hot at first, but they are still beloved by many.  

So, which sushi roll are you? Be sure to go pick it up ASAP, because you know that after all of that you're hungry.