My family moved to Arkansas a couple of years ago, and I was definitely a little bit doubtful of their choice of location. Once I visited, though, I was head over heels in love with Northwest Arkansas (NWA). Bentonville, one of the towns in NWA, has had this incredible crepes food truck, Crepes Paulette, for years now. Just last summer, they also opened a store front near the Bentonville square. Now, there are two places to get your crepe fix. The owner is French, so you know you are in for an authentic experience.

Darya Mack

If you want to visit the original, definitely check out the food truck. It is downtown right across from one of the beautiful 21C hotel and museums located all across the USA. You will usually find a line, so be prepared to wait, but the wait is more than worth it. 

Now that the storefront is up and running, I actually prefer to go there because there is more parking, generally less of a wait, and indoor seating, which is great in the summer and winter. They also have some fun alcohol options for those 21 and up.

As for the crepes themselves, they are the same in both locations. The savory crepes are buckwheat based, so good news for my gluten-free friends. The buckwheat crepes themselves are also vegan, so Crepes Paulette is a great option for those with dietary restrictions. The sweet crepes, however, are made of standard white flour so they are not gluten or dairy free. Overall, I genuinely recommend the savory crepes over the sweet, anyway. Of course, it depends on your mood, but in my experience, the savory crepes are LIFE-CHANGING while the sweet ones are just delicious. 

The savory buckwheat crepes are perfectly crispy on the edges and also make the perfect soft carrier for the fillings. As for filling options, they are practically endless. I love any crepe that includes their incredible pesto but, my absolute favorite is their "The Vegan" crepe that includes spinach and french fried onions and your choice of salsa or peanut sauce. I have it with salsa, and I love adding jalapeños for a tart and spicy finish. This crepe is perfection, and I still haven't gotten sick of it (and it has been three years).

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Darya Mack

Crepes Paulette is rated #1 on Trip Advisor for places to eat in Bentonville and this Spoon article lists it as the best food truck in all of Arkansas! Beyond that, Ruth Reichl visited NWA and actually tweeted about the food truck!

If you are anywhere in the NWA area, definitely pay Crepes Paulette a visit. I live here, and I still eat there at least once a week. The staff is lovely, the crepes are everything, and I can't imagine life without Crepes Paulette!