We are becoming the generation always craving street food. It’s fast, convenient, delicious, and continuously growing. According to IBISWorld, the food truck industry is now worth over $1 billion. These people are serious about good eats and it’s up to us foodies to ensure that the business keeps booming. So check out the list and eat your way across America’s best food trucks. 

Alabama: Melt

Serving all kinds of different awesome sandwiches, Melt is the go-to food truck in Birmingham. Make sure you check out the Mac Melt, a grilled cheese on Texas toast filled with homemade mac ‘n’ cheese.

Alaska: International House of Hot Dogs

This food truck in Anchorage is unique because you can either park beside and go up to the window, or you can order at the drive-thru. They’re known for serving gourmet hotdogs and their renowned cilantro fries.

Arizona: United Luchadores

United Lunchadores is an award-winning food truck in Phoenix that is known for serving excellent quesadillas, tortas, and salads.

Arkansas: Crepes Paulette

This food truck in Bentonville has been serving delicious sweet and savory french crepes for years. Make sure you try the Reese’s crepe, filled with Reese’s peanut butter chips and dark chocolate ganache.

California: The Lobos Truck

This award-winning truck in Los Angeles is home to wachos, waffle fries topped with all of the classic nacho toppings. Be sure to try the bleu cheese and guac wachos. Nomz.

Colorado: Jessie's Smokin' Nola

This Denver food truck was rated #1 out of 73 in 2016. They serve authentic New Orleans cuisine like jambalaya, cajun fries, and po-boys.

Connecticut: Bounty Food Truck

This food truck in Fairfield County is known for their “farm-to-mobile-kitchen” concept, which means that all of their burgers are 100% grass-fed hormone and anitbiotic-free. They have several signature burgers that are known for excellence.

Delaware: Kapow Food Truck

This family business serves Thai, Korean, and Hawaiian fusion foods. Make sure you try one of their famous rice bowls.

Florida: Bite Gastrotruck

In Fort Lauderdale, the Bite Gastrotruck serves gourmet burgers, hand-cut fries, and milkshakes.

Georgia: Yumbii

Yumbii serves a fusion of Asian and Mexican food and has been named “Best Food Truck in Atlanta” five times. In other words, you need to go try some of their food right now.

Hawaii: Kau Kau Grill

You’ll see the Kau Kau Grill Truck roaming the streets of Honolulu serving food like garlic shrimp, poke, and deliciously tender ribs. It’s definitely a must-try.

Idaho: tHe FuNkY tAco

This food truck in Boise sells tacos that are influenced from Indian, Asian, Mexican, South American cuisines. They emphasize vegetarian and vegan fare and support many local farmers. Be sure to try the famous kimchi quesadilla.

Illinois: Beaver's Donuts

This food truck in Chicago serves coffee and donuts from 7 am to 6 pm for those of us who need our fix all day long. They make really extravagant donuts like the Goombah donut which is topped with cannoli topping and crumbled pastry shells.

Indiana: Pierogi Love Indy

This award-winning food truck in Indianapolis serves classic European dishes, like the pierogi, a sweet or savory filled dumpling. They suggest you try their “Snappy,” a veal hotdog with spicy mustard.

Iowa: Banh ME

In Des Moines, you can get Vietnamese and Asian fusion cuisine from this food truck. They’re known for their generous portions with reasonable prices.

Kansas: Pie Hole

This food truck is introducing Kansas City to Aussie meat pies, flaky hand-held pastries filled with meat and veggies.

Kentucky: Holy Molé

This taco truck is immensely popular in Louisville. Frequent-goers suggest that newbies try the tofu kimchi taco, as it’s one of the best.

Louisiana: Taco De Paco

The tacos at this truck in Baton Rouge are unique: try their duck and alligator tacos, for example. This is the perfect truck for you adventurous eaters.

Maine: Urban Sugar

Portland is home to numerous awesome food trucks, and Urban Sugar is one of the best. They serve hot and fresh homemade gourmet doughnuts, with coffee and hot chocolate to go along. Try their “Ol’ Blue Eyes” doughnut, which consists of lavender pastry cream, lemon curd, and Nilla crumble. Wowie.

Maryland: The Jolly Pig

The Jolly Pig food truck in Baltimore is dishing out the best Korean BBQ around. Definitely add it to your road trip list.

Massachusetts: Roxy's Grilled Cheese

One of Boston’s first food trucks, Roxy’s has been serving outstanding grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers since 2011. Be sure to read about how the truck got started, as it’s pretty inspiring to us folk trying to figure out what to do with our lives.

Michigan: El Guapo

In Detroit, this award-winning taco stop was the first licensed food truck in the entire city. They’ve been serving specialty tacos and burrito bowls ever since.

Minnesota: World Street Kitchen

In Minneapolis, World Street Kitchen is notorious for their on-the-go food from around the world. Their Yum Yum Rice Bowls are a crowd favorite.

Mississippi: LurnyD's Grille

In Jackson, LurnyD’s is known for their Southern comfort food and delicious burgers. Don’t miss out on their Sloppy Fries, which are fries topped with sloppy joe and homemade pimento cheese.

Missouri: Completely Sauced

This food truck in St. Louis strives to pay tribute to New Orleans cuisine with their Deep Southern food like po-boys, étouffée, and red beans and rice.

Montana: Tumbleweeds

This truck in Bozeman has the perfect range of foods, from lobster mac ‘n’ cheese to pulled pork tacos to caprese sandwiches.

Nebraska: Marsicos Los Willy's

Mariscos Los Willy’s is a food truck in Omaha that dishes out great Mexican seafood.

Nevada: Dazzling Bistro

This food truck in Las Vegas is known for their “elevated comfort food” including meatballs, crab meat macaroni, and a sinful grilled cheese panini with jalapeño-banana jam. Wow.

New Hampshire: The Kitchen

The Kitchen in Portsmouth has a wide range of great foods: sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, salads and more. Definitely worth trying.

New Jersey: Jonnie G's

Jonnie G’s was voted best comfort food, best burger, and best food truck in Monmouth in 2015, so it’s safe to say this truck is pretty rockin’. Try one of their famous burgers or one of their crab cakes.

New Mexico: The Supper Truck

In Albuquerque, The Supper Truck is a combo of Mexican, Vietnamese, and Southern food. Sounds amazing right? Try one of their tacos, banh mi sandwiches, or grits.

New York: Korilla BBQ

This truck in NYC is redefining Korean BBQ. You can get a burrito with bulgogi and bacon kimchi fried rice. Now that sounds pretty freakin’ awesome to me.

North Carolina: Chirba Chirba

Chirba Chirba is serving up the best dumplings in the triangle area. Fun fact: “chirba chirba” means “eat eat” in Mandarin Chinese when you’re speaking to someone else.

North Dakota: Sweeto Burrito 

North Dakota isn’t notorious for being food truck-friendly, but Sweeto Burrito is one of the trucks that has prevailed. Sweeto Burrito makes some creatively delicious burritos and now has locations in eight different states.

Ohio: Dos Hermanos

This taco truck in Columbus has all the classics, like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and so on. But what makes them so special is that they also serve homemade mole sauce, fresh signature salsas, and hot chocolate.

Oklahoma: Bleu Garten

In Oklahoma City, Bleu Garten has become a family favorite. It’s actually an area full of several food trucks and is a great place to just come and hang out, not to mention eat stellar food. It even turns into a bar at night.

Oregon: The Grilled Cheese Grill

First of all, one of their trucks in Portland is a double-decker bus. That’s savage. You’ve gotta try The Cheesus, a burger with two grilled cheeses instead of the buns. Take me now.

Pennsylvania: The Pizza Wagon

In Philly, this pizza food truck has classic flavors like cheese and pepperoni, but they also make their own custom pizzas like the Farmer’s Corn and Bacon pizza, a pizza topped with fresh corn scraped off the cob, jalapeños, bacon lardons, mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh herbs. Yassss.

Rhode Island: Like No Udder

Like No Udder in Providence is the world’s first all-vegan soft serve ice cream truck. They have soft serve, milkshakes, floats, frozen lemonade, and more.

South Carolina: Pink Bellies

Pink Bellies serves the best Vietnamese cuisine in Charleston. In addition to the lemongrass tofu rice bowl, you should also try the avocado smoothie. Also, they have one of the most colorful Instagram accounts I’ve ever seen, so you should check that out too.

South Dakota: Boxcar Beef & Dogs

This family-owned truck in Sioux Falls is renowned for their Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches.

Tennessee: Deg Thai

Deg Thai serves the freshest Thai-fusion meals in Nashville. Their dishes include curry, pad thai, tofu, and more.

Texas: Hey! You Gonna Eat or What? 

This truck with the catchy name dishes out some stellar sandwiches. The Shiner Monte Cristo has been deemed an Austin favorite, Shiner Bock beer-battered Monte Cristo with ham, turkey, cheese, and homemade cherry and fig jelly.

Utah: Waffle Love

In Salt Lake City, this truck is creating the most amazing belgian waffles. The Dulce de Liege (a churro waffle topped with fried ice cream and and dulce de leche) is a must-try. That’s what I call waffle luvvvvv.

Vermont: Dolce VT

Dolce VT has an ever-changing menu in Burlington. They’ve had everything from truffle fries to vegetable pitas to fried chicken sandwiches. Whatever they’re serving, I’m down with it.

Virginia: Boka Truck

In Richmond, Boka is making the best takos in the area. That’s right, they make takos, not tacos. They have Asian, Mexican, and American styles takos. Try them all and you won’t be sorry.

Washington: Where Ya At Matt

This Seattle food truck was ranked ninth overall in America by The Daily Meal so you know it’s gotta be good. It’s known for its New Orleans style cuisine which includes po’ boys, jambalaya, and muffulettas.

West Virginia: Street Meatz

Street Meatz in Morgantown offers daily specials in addition to their classics like grass-fed beef burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, BLTs, and steak fajitas.

Wisconsin: Roll MKE

In Milwaukee, Roll MKE is making some of the best and most creative sandwiches. Their menu is constantly changing but you’ve gotta try the brisket grilled cheese. Braised beef brisket with onions, peppers, arugula, cheddar, gruyere, and provolone on multigrain bread.

Wyoming: Nipa Hut

In Cheyenne, they serve Filipino food like lumpia (it resembles a taquito), empanadas, and adobo from a truck that resembles a real Nipa Hut, a little house made from nipa leaves and bamboo in the Philippines.