Do you love all things food? Do you dream about brunch and endless mimosas? Is your Instagram feed picture after picture of coffee and smoothie bowls? Well then you can find a home at the Spoon University-Arkansas chapter. You may have seen our Instagram @spoon_arkansas  or checked out our website. We are looking for writers, photographers, and marketers to join our 2016-2017 team. 

1. Bond with foodies just like you

Come join a community that dreams of food and find those friends that will wait in line with you for the best brunch in town. Not only will you have new besties on campus, but Spoon University has over 160 chapters. Just imagine the possibilities for networking through our food community world-wide. 

2. Publish articles that could go viral

spaghetti, pasta
Aubrey Miller

Seeing your article hit 42,000 page views has to be one of the greatest accomplishments I have achieved as a student. You could be next, or maybe you will be the one to hit 100,000 views. Come find out.

3. Attend top-notch foodie events

Spoon-Arkansas is officially a registered RSO this year and we will be throwing events on campus through out the year. Everything from midterm snack break handouts to a food truck palooza will be included in our calendar. Not to mention the fact that Spoon HQ hosts an annual Brainfood conference in NYC with amazing speakers and killer food. 

4. Write articles that matter to our generation

beer, pizza, coffee
Jake Kyte

Yes, staying up to date on the latest news and presidential candidates is important but so is learning how to adult. Take a break from mind-numbing homework and get creative with how many things you can make with a mug and a microwave. Maybe even do a little research and find out everything you need to know about Donald Trump's stance on food issues

5. Rock that #SpoonSwag

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We have the swag! S'well Bottles, stickers, pens, and more. You will always be overflowing with #SpoonSwag. Passing out bottle openers, totes, and goodies is our specialty. Being a part of the team means owning more stickers than you will know what to do with.

Does all of this sound amazing? Well then apply here before October 10th, 2016 or stop by our table at the Union October 6th, 2016.