Sometimes sitting at your desk, in your room, or anywhere in your home just isn't motivating to do work. For me, I always end up feeling so comfortable that I get easily distracted.

So on weekends, I love going to coffee shops throughout New York City and doing my work. I find myself being more focused and productive, I get to try new coffee blends (that help me further develop my love for coffee) and pastries, and I have reason to explore more of the city. Keep reading to find the favorite places (with free WiFi) that I've found. 

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Telegraphe Café

Although on the smaller side, the cozy vibe of Telegraphe Café makes it the perfect place to settle in for a few hours and do some work. Located in Chelsea, on 6th Avenue, it's an easy place to come to after a Trader Joe's or Bed, Bath and Beyond errand run. They have amazing chocolate chip cookies and a great half soup half sandwich deal. 


With two NYC locations, one on 29th Street in the Ace Hotel and one on W 8th Street, Stumptown Coffee does well. Their 8th Street location is my personal favorite. Their coffee is some of the smoothest, best coffee I've had and it goes perfectly with The Doughnut Plant donuts and various other pastries they offer.

The brick clad walls and large windows of the coffee shop make it feel like you've been transported into a movie scene and when it's nice out, you can even sit and work at their outdoor tables.

Think Coffee

Think Coffee has numerous locations throughout downtown and midtown Manhattan, all perfect to sit down and do some work. My favorite location is the one on 8th Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets, but they've all got couches and chairs that you can sit down and work at while sipping on your latte. Their coffee, special from Social Project Coffee, is perfectly blended and will help keep you awake. 


Gotan has both good coffee, pastries, and substantial food — think avocado toast, açaí bowls, and salads. The food, coffee, and array of tables to choose from let you settle in and work the entire day. With three locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Gotan will make working and studying a little more enjoyable. 

Joe Coffee

The Upper West Side lacks in the perfect atmospheric work space (but makes up for it in great dinner restaurants.) However Joe Coffee on 120th Street, a part of the Columbia campus, is great.

They have multiple tables for people to sit and do work. The natural lighting is perfect, because sometimes working in a dark place can get too depressing. Plus, their coffee is delicious.

My personal favorite thing to order is their mocha. Their other locations throughout the city are also great places to stop, however, some don't have Wi-Fi and are much smaller, so it's harder to find a place to sit

Toby's Estate

Toby's Estate has a few locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but their Williamsburg one is the biggest and best to work at. The high ceilings, huge windows, rows of tables, and smell of freshly roasted coffee contribute to a perfect work environment. Grab a latte (my favorite is their iced almond latte), a cold brew, or maybe a side of avocado toast and get working.

Bean & Bean

Bean & Bean serves coffee brewed from organic, Fair Trade beans. The decorations are minimalist, with a lot of light and space to study as well as a bunch of different kinds of tables depending on the size of your group. And they offer all the coffee shop basics: chai tea, matcha, lattes, cold brew, pastries, and more. 

Blank Slate Coffee & Kitchen

Blank Slate Coffee & Kitchen in Midtown East is bright and spacious. Similar to Gotan, they offer a cafe vibe with breakfast and lunch meal options, snacks, and dessert. The chai tea latte, sweet ricotta toast, and s'mores dip are my favorite here.