There's a time when the sober mixer that takes over 2nd floor Carrier Library overwhelms and the flurry of attractive fraternity men aren't enough to keep your butt imprinted on the frail wooden chairs. Somehow, the quiet section becomes too boisterous for comfort and the group in 220A doesn't understand JMU has yet to invest in soundproofing. Cue the coffee shops.

With downtown Harrisonburg booming into a foodie capital, one doesn't need to rely on SSC booths or ECL 24-hour study rooms any longer. Just go for these cold brew and average cup of Joe options that don't carry a "Dunkin' Donuts" or "Starbucks" label — even though I've spent all of my dining dollars on those labels in the span of a month. 

1. Broad Porch Coffee Co.

Located in the heart of Agora Downtown Market, which consists of 11 independent vendors, Broad Porch brings house-roasted organic coffee to the table. 

What started out as roasting coffee on a front porch evolved into a corner of Agora. They pride themselves on locally-sourced, sustainable goods and encouraging zero-waste. While there may not be as much room to pull out the Anatomy textbooks, their vanilla matcha latte, cortadas or locally blended teas can be peacefully enjoyed in the courtyard hidden beside the building. The Wi-Fi reaches, people. 

2. Greenberry's Coffee and Tea

Not many coffee shops have their own drive-thru. So if a quick getaway from campus if what you need, heading to the lot across from Memorial could be the study break you didn't know you needed.

Greenberry's offers sassy twists to the usual Venti iced coffee at Starbucks with their mocha mint and caramel java shakes. Ordering it is like choosing to have a buzz with a side of grounded hydration. My all-time favorite however is asking the barista their favorite coffee roast of the day and being pleasantly surprised each time.

3. Cinnamon Bear Bakery & Deli

With breakfast being served all day, lingering around won't make you any hungrier. Cinnamon Bear boasts cheesy grilled cheese BLTs, avocado melts, veggie wraps — which include a veggie cream cheese-spicy sauce combo — and a daily selection of desserts. On lucky days, you'll get their melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls that live up to its namesake. 

If you can't wait around for that, dive into their Snickers Bar latte — you're not you when you're hungry you know? For all you peanut butter fans out there, the Elvis latte might pique your interest. We're all about healthy fats here.

4. Heritage Bakery and Cafe

French-inspired and owned by a mother-daughter duo, Heritage is all about fueling the soul with pastries, macarons and in-house Italian roast. You can be hip and vie for the ginger kombucha or revert back to your younger self with their almond milk hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.

On bad days, if the coffee isn't enough, the staff — combined with homey trinkets spread throughout the cozy shop — sure is. 

5. Artful Dodger

With a name that takes on Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist," Artful Dodger doesn't disappoint. Its versatility — which lay in the fact that it's "a coffee shop by day, club by night" —  extends past the hand-crafted coffee and art gallery openings. The late-night hours and salsa nights are definitely for the lively bunch. 

Their $7 lunch special includes a free 12 ounce drip coffee, which is locally sourced from Crazy Fox Coffee Roasting Company in the Shenandoah Valley. If you get hungry, their famous bucket o' tots will definitely hold you over. Feel free not to share and pair it with their peanut butter mocha. 

Whether it be a caramel macchiato or classic iced coffee with a pump of vanilla, reading through endless Powerpoints never tasted so good. Give into the good vibes and stay caffeinated, JMU.