For the last three years that I've been at UC Davis, I've been obsessed with sushi. I've come to love raw fish and wasabi, both of which I would never eat before, and even learned how to use chopsticks. It's been wild. As such, I thought it would be fitting to rank the all-you-can-eat sushi places I've been to since attending Davis.

5. Jusco

The only one I can honestly say I won’t go back to is Jusco. The setting wasn’t great, and, honestly, neither was the quality of the fish. The main reason I go to AYCE sushi places is for the sashimi or nigiri, and it was pretty apparent the fish was not quite fresh, especially the tuna. This is definitely the cheapest AYCE I’ve ever been too, with dinner priced at only $18. So in terms of price, it is the best.

4. Nami Sushi

Many people frequent this sushi buffet, though its east Davis location is rather far from downtown. The service is slower compared to other sushi buffets, however you can still get pretty good nigiri and a wide selection of rolls. They legit have the best sugar donuts I've ever had. They're so warm and fluffy. I feel like the quality of their fish has definitely gone down since I first went last year, but it is still worth the price. However, I prefer the other options, since there is not much difference in the price.

#SpoonTip: Use cash and get a five percent discount.

3. Fuji Sushi

This is my favorite AYCE I've been to in the area that gives you straight up unlimited sashimi and not just nigiri. So, if you are looking for mainly raw fish and want to fill yourself with it, then this is the place to go. The service isn’t the most convenient in the sense you have to go directly up to the sushi chef, order, wait for him to prepare your food, and then take it back yourself. Hence, I would not recommend going here with large groups. It would be more convenient for smaller groups who are able to fit around the sushi bar for the most efficient and convenient access. There is a rotation sushi mechanism, just like in Davis Sushi Buffet. I’m obsessed with their sesame balls as well. There is also a Fuji sushi in Vacaville, which I’ve heard from several people is better, so I would recommend trying it, too.

2. Davis Sushi Buffet

Davis Sushi Buffet is the first AYCE sushi buffet I’ve ever been to in Davis! It was for my friend Nicole's birthday our freshman year. Since then, both myself and Nicole have been regular customers. I’m obsessed with raw fish, and their sashimi is good, but not the best. My friend Nicole, a sushi aficionado and expert, likes the hand rolls. In particular, she is a huge fan of the Lion King roll, which features baked salmon. As far as the dessert goes, she speaks highly of their egg custard buns and soy milk donuts. Here, you can order off their menu or grab something already made off their boats, similar to the system at Fuji sushi.

1. Raku Sushi

My favorite place is probably Raku Sushi in West Sacramento, which is still not too far from us in Davis. While they do not serve sashimi, they have the best nigiri out of all the aforementioned places. Their fish is freshly cut and made-to-order. Raku’s rolls are also very good and on par with the other sushi restaurants. I would say, though, that their dessert may be lacking; however, the quality of their fish and their swift service definitely makes up for it. I’ve only been to Raku once, but I will definitely go back again.

It has become almost ritual among my friends to celebrate birthdays with Japanese food. We're all bonded in our love for sushi, and I would like to thank all these places for getting me into the hype. I hope this list was helpful, and maybe you have a new place to try next time your friends can't pick a place to eat.