UC Davis offers a wide variety of classes ranging from human sexuality to animal science to tractor driving. College is the time to explore and open yourself up to new opportunities. When you look back at your college career in 10 years or share your college stories with your future kids, you want to be able to tell them something exciting.

You may want to consider enrolling into one of the food health related classes in any future quarters. Plus, who wouldn’t want to know cool fun facts about food? 

Here is a list of 8 classes related to food health that you can take at UC Davis.

NUT 10 - Discoveries and Concepts in Nutrition

The course was created by the queen of nutrition, Dr. Elizabeth Applegate, who recently retired as a professor, but her legacy at UC Davis lives on. This course is highly recommended for all students to take to have some knowledge about the metabolic processes of nutrition in the body and healthy living. You get to be a part of something big, since this is the only class at UC Davis that offers the class with a record-breaking number of students every quarter.

FST 10 - Food Science, Folklore, and Health

This course is similar to NUT 10 in which you utilize ancient and modern folklore to examine modern foods. FST 10 differs from NUT 10 though because you develop a greater understanding of the composition of food.

ECH 1 - Design of Coffee

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Kaitlin Owyang

If you love coffee, you are going to love this class a whole latte. Every week get to drink a huge variety of coffee every week. Yes, you heard that right: you're guaranteed to drink coffee every week in class. Hallelujah!

FST 3 - Intro to Brewing and Beer

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Melissa Miller

Cheers! UC Davis also offers a brewing class that introduces you to the science of brewing and the development of the world’s brewing business. The downside is that you don’t actually get to taste the beer in class, but you’ll be able to learn a lot of application and sciences of brewing beer.

VEN 3 - Intro to Winemaking

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Jaime Wilson

Raising a glass to this one because you can learn a lot of different things about wine. That way when you visit wineries, you’ll be able to spill some wine knowledge to your friends while tipsy.

NUT 11 - Current Topics and Controversies in Nutrition

Helena Lin

Things are always changing and sometimes it's just really hard to keep up with the current research and trends when we have busy college schedules. But with NUT 11, you'll be on top of the food industry game because you'll explore the current applications, trends and controversies currently present in the nutrition world.

FST 1 - Principles of Food Science

This is a beginner course and an eye-opener to all things food, including learning about the food industry and the current food systems of processing, preparing and storing foods for human consumption.

FST 55 - Food in American Culture

Combining pop culture and food together means you can develop a stronger relationship with you and food. The course focuses on the relationship between food and culture, food and social order, and influences of our eating habits.

Check Out This List of First-Year Seminars 

It changes every quarter, but you can check out the list of first-year seminars that are exclusively offered undergraduate students. An example of a past health-related seminar is “Eating in California,” where students learn the different roots of food and cultural developments of various kinds.