In this year's crazy divisive election, America voted for a new president. While many people were shocked and disappointed with the results, some states had a back up plan.California, Massachusetts, and Nevada all voted blue, but ensured that if things didn't go their way, they would be able to ease the pain with recreational marijuana.

Maine, which was a split state, also wanted in on the fun. While the majority of the populations in these states are suffering through a rough week, they can now enjoy these weed infused foods to help them recover.

1. Kiva Confections Chocolates

If you always turn to chocolate when you're feeling down, Kiva Confections chocolate bars guarantee you'll be feeling high again in no time. These chocolate bars come in all different flavors and even in minis.

2. Chrontella 

Nutella is already basically a drug. It's so addictive that I've heard of people who can eat a whole jar in one sitting (not me though...). Chrontella, the weed infused spread, is currently only available in Canada, but that's okay — you'll probably move there soon anyway.

3. CannaFlour

coffee, milk, cream, chocolate
Kendra Valkema

If you're more of a DIY type of person, you can go ahead and make weed infused flour on your own. This way you can get creative with your baked goods. 

4.Weed Wine

This one is pretty intense, but now you don't have to choose between wine and weed. Mary Jane Wines knows that wine is everyone's BFF, so really it was an obvious business move. This is really a "drink to forget" type of wine.

5.Dixie Elixir Iced Tea

If you're a S'well bottle lover and you're looking to get ~fancy~ while getting high, Dixie Elixirs are made for you. Their bottle design isn't the only cool thing, the flavors are pretty hype, too. They range from sparkling pomegranate to the classic peach iced tea, and they are now available in California. 

California has now completed the West Coast weed conversion. In total, eight states have now legalized weed, and the landscape of edibles or weed infused foods is definitely changing. Soon, instead of yolk porn and pretty avocado toasts, your Instagram will be filled with colorful Dixie bottles and Chrontella sandwiches.