I think we need to stop and think about some pretty crucial details about Trump that will definitely affect my vote. Most people focus on his words, but I think people aren’t recognizing his secret weapon in this presidential race… his hair.

A Banana

Donald Trump

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Sleek and coiffed, this ‘do is perfect for turning away from the haters.

Taco Shell

Donald Trump

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Seemingly not in the mood; but wait, did someone say fiesta?


Donald Trump

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When most people see corn silk, they think dental floss. When Trump sees corn silk, he thinks inspiration.

Spaghetti Squash

Donald Trump

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Oh no. Is that a breeze? Trump doesn’t care. Because bed head is sexy.

Spaghetti… With a Meatball?

Donald Trump

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Trendy and innovative, might this possibly be a hairstyle for 2016? One can only hope that Trump would please the people and make this a reality.

In the end, I respect Trump and all of his hairstyles.

And who knows, maybe the newest food trend lies in Trump’s hair?

Donald Trump

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Please enjoy the video below as 32 celebrities struggle to describe the color of Donald Trump’s hair: