I think I probably started eating pasta before eating baby food. Maybe that is a hyperbole my momma told me, but I like to believe it. Pasta is a vital part of my diet that I do not think I could ever cut out. Since going to college, my goal has been to find the best pasta in D.C. for me to stuff my face with angel hair and tortellini.

So, here's a bucket list of some of my own personal favorites. Check out these restaurants if you want heaven decked in alfredo and red sauce:

1. Red White and Basil

My personal favorite place to get pasta when in the District is found on Florida Ave in Adam's Morgan. Red White and Basil has a special place in my heart, and the $16 fixed price meal assures you won't break the bank either. My order is the house salad for round one, then tortellini with vodka sauce, and a fat cannoli at the end that leaves you in a food coma you don't mind being in. The atmosphere is clean and classic, yet modern and chic.

2. Filomena

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This is a Georgetown must. Filomena is quite famous as the most classic Italian place to get pasta in D.C. The decor is hella traditional, and the food provides the most authentic dishes that I have had anywhere that is not in the Italian town my mom grew up in. My favorite is the veal marsala that comes with a side of penne alla vodka, but every dish we ordered was incredible. I will say though, go here when you are with your parents as a college budget will not be able to afford the authentic dishes (for a table for two, the check will be close to $100).

3. Fiola

With a menu that changes daily, Fiola is an exciting way to change up your pasta consumption. The daily menu allows the restaurant to use seasonal ingredients to make the most bomb dishes ever. The decor is sleek, gorgeous, and the right amount of boujee to make you feel like a D.C. aristocrat treating yourself to the finer noodles in life. This place is perfect for the adventurous pasta seeker, but it is also on the pricey end so go when it is pay day!

4. RPM Italian

Again, this restaurant is upscale and pricey, but if you want to splurge on your significant other or if your family is town, hit up RPM Italian for some of the best pasta in D.C. This joint is partially owned by celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic and the food is true to Giuliana's Italian roots. With a chic atmosphere, and bomb service, you will love eating the Mama DePandi's Pomodoro as much as I do. Save room for dessert because you will not want to miss out on the Hazelnut Tartufo. 

5. Vapiano

With two locations in Georgetown and Chinatown, no matter where you are being a tourist a Vapiano is not that far away to eat some of the most raved about pasta in the District without breaking the bank. We recommend the Scampi E Spinaci as a go-to summer pasta dish. All of the food at Vapiano just radiates a freshness that makes you feel like you are feasting on a dish straight from a vineyard and farm. This place is a must when eating your way through D.C.'s pasta scene.

6. Il Canale

Il Canale provides a refreshing mix of modern yet Italian-home-restaurant in their decor, and the food is one hundred percent authentic, food baby inducing delicious. With only two $s on Yelp, Il Canale is a fairly priced restaurant for the Georgetown area for a meal. This restaurant is also a go-to among the D.C. political aristocracy, as well as a favorite spot of the Clinton family. One of the best things about Il Canale is its location, just a walk away from the Waterfront. After stuffing your face with pasta, or their remarkable pizzas, take a stroll through Georgetown to work off those carbs.

7. Osteria Morini

In the Navy Yards of D.C., Osteria Morini provides a bright, inviting, window-filled dining experience to your Italian cravings. This place is worth the Metro ride in order to indulge in their Spallina or Tagliatelle. They also offer brunch on the weekends and their lunch menu is incredible too. Osteria Morini has been ranked as one of the best places in D.C. for Italian, and anyone who eats here gets to watch their award winning meals get prepared for them since the kitchen is open for guests to watch (no secrets at this place).

With becoming a larger, hip food scene year after year, the amount of places to eat incredible pasta in D.C. keeps growing. There are countless Italian restaurants to try, but if you need a fix of carbs fast, we promise that these places have held their own and won't disappoint.

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