Welcome to Washington, D.C., the political hub of the United States. Washington is also notorious for its array of trendy brunch spots to satisfy your Sunday morning champagne crave. After going from location to location, here are the top 5 best bottomless brunch spots in D.C. based on price, and food and drink quality. Whether you're about to start your busy day of tourism or just celebrating a birthday; the restaurant options, just like the mimosas, are endless. Happy brunching!

La Tasca

La Tasca offers a Spanish twist on the traditional concept of brunch. Instead of mimosas, the spotlight drinks are a variety of sangrias. Instead of egg dishes and bacon, La Tasca has tapas, Spanish style finger foods. This is perfect because it satisfies hunger without getting too full, making more room for sangria. For $30, you get a choice of 3 tapas and endless pitchers of sangria. If sangria isn't your drink of choice, they still have mimosas and other boozy drinks. Since the restaurant is located right in the middle of the bustling area of Chinatown, La Tasca is the perfect place to get a buzz on before having a day of touring the city. 

#SpoonTip: Go with the mango blackberry sangria and the empanada de pollo!     


When you want to immerse yourself in the picture-perfect brunch scene, go to the H street location of RedRocks. There are two locations in D.C., but the H street location is definitely the more fun and trendy scene. With a rooftop patio, you can sip on strong mimosas in the sunlight on a warm day. Though even when it's not sunny out, you'll have just as good of a time. The food is filling and satisfying and is the perfect way to start a Sunday morning. RedRocks is also the best hangover cure. The menu has items such as the Hangover Pizza and the Hangover Burrito, and trust me—they work. Bottomless drinks cost $20 but that doesn't include food so the total comes out to be about $35 depending on what you order. When you're done at the restaurant, go explore the trendy U Street corridor and maybe do some bar hopping!

#SpoonTip: At the H Street location- Hangover Pizza. Columbia Heights- The Breakfast Panino.

Medium Rare

If you're a meat eater, make your way to Medium Rare. Every item on the menu incorporates steak in someway. I'm not big on red meat but Medium Rare was an unexpected surprise. It's also the best brunch deal in D.C. For $23, you get a starter, a main course, and of course, bottomless drinks. I decided to skip the mimosa this time and opted for a Bloody Mary instead and it was an instant cure for the headache I acquired from the night before. After you're done with brunch, you're able to stay at the bar and keep drinking the day away. When it's a nicer day they have a patio you can sit at and enjoy the weather!

#SpoonTip: Order the Steak and Eggs and grab yourself a Bloody Mary.

Alba Osteria

Alba Osteria is the place you go to when your stomach is a bottomless pit of hunger. Not only are the drinks endless, but also the food. Everything is served family style so it's a great place to go to when you're in a sharing mood. The best part about the endless food is that you get to try everything on the menu! You also get to rotate your drinks to try the classic mimosa, bloody mary, and the fan favorite white peach bellini. While it is a dream to never run out of food, it's very easy to overeat after your first round of family style. But if you're not super hungry, you can still order a single dish. 

#SpoonTip: Order the Montecristo and pair it with a white peace bellini. 

The Fainting Goat

I saved my favorite for last. Out of all the places I've gone to in D.C., The Fainting Goat takes the cake for being one of the best bottomless brunch spots in D.C. Bottomless drinks are $17 and food ranges from $7-$18. The drink options are classic orange, mango, and white cranberry mimosas. I'm not a fan of cranberry but surprisingly the white cranberry ended up being my favorite. The Fainting Goat also has the most Instagram worthy food. Their menu offers trendy dishes like avocado toast and kale salad as starters but also has omelettes, bagels and lox, and french toast. The restaurant gives off an aesthetically pleasing rustic vibe that will make your foodstagram stand out. They do have a two hour limit so make sure you squeeze in as much as possible! 

#SpoonTip Be sure to try the french toast and white cranberry mimosa for a sweet surprise!

As you can tell, D.C. has no shortage of brunch spots. Brunch is a great way to bond with family and friends all while having an incredible time. While these are my favorite, there are still so many places I have yet to try and am so excited to experience!