From heart ache, to celebrations, to just chilling, ice-cream is the go to snack for all occasions. There's something special about savoring a cool ice-cream on a warm day, or laughing about the fact you're eating a freezing snack on a chilly day. Sometimes you want a gallon, and sometimes you just want a scoop. This list is your go to for exploring the seven best places to grab ice-cream in Boulder: 

1. Fior Gelato

This mouth-watering artificial-ingredient free gelato has everything from avocado-strawberry to cookie butter. With two locations on Pearl Street, you can always see students in Fior. My personal favorite is the vanilla lavender flavored. They're chic decor and ample lighting makes it a great spot for the famous snapchat ice cream picture. They pride themselves on their authentic Italian gelato, and you can truly taste it. 

2. Sweet Cow Ice Cream

While a little farther than Pearl, being in North Boulder, Sweet Cow is worth the trip. This is a staple of Boco's ice-cream. While having all traditional flavors, their cereal ice-cream draws crowds. Everything from a lucky charms based ice-cream, to their "Captain Crunchberries" flavor, people rave over Sweet Cow. This is a place that's worth breaking your diet over and vouching for a medium instead of a small. It's easily one of the 7 best places to grab ice cream in Boulder. 

3. Boulder Baked

Boulder Baked's fresh cookies along side an ice-cream sundae is the best ice cream combo in Boulder. Open until midnight every night (except Monday's), Boulder Baked offers the perfect late night fix. With a convenient location just south of Pearl, and a block from a bus stop, it's a student favorite. With cookie sundaes, cupcake sundaes, brownie sundaes, and more, there's always something to satisfy your sweet tooth fix. My personal order is two oatmeal cinnamon chocolate chip cookies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

4. Le Pop

Le Pops provides a modern take on a classic ice cream store by providing popsicles instead! They has both cream pops and ice pops, which you can then decorate and coat with different flavors. All their popsicles are Gluten Free and low calorie, which makes this a more friendly option for a boulder health fanatic.  While none of their cream pops are, all of their ice pops are vegan! Their creative flavors and healthier options makes Le Pops a place for everyone, and immensely popular for ice cream in Boulder.

5. Coldstone Creamery

This classic is known for its super rich and creative flavors. My personal order is the Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip. This tongue twister is mint chocolate chip ice cream with Chocolate chips, brownie, and fudge. They on the spot chop and blend the ingredients into the ice-cream via a cold plate. Cold Stone also provides a 10% discount to any current college student with a valid I.D.! 

6. Ben & Jerry's

Whether it's snowing or sunshine, Ben & Jerry's is a classic favorite. There's something great about getting a fun scoop in a cone, as opposed to always just eating the gallon in your dorm. With iconic flavor's like Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Dough", and Jerry Garcia's "Cherry Garcia," there's something fun for everyone. Boulder's Ben & Jerry's is also known for being a big supporter of local sorority philanthropies, so keep an eye out for ways your purchase can support charity! This national chain is a great addition to the ice cream in Boulder.

7. Insomnia Cookies

While you may be wondering why Insomnia Cookies made a list of best ice-cream places, it's because of their late night chipwiches! They're open until 3 am, making them the best place to get a snack at any time of the day. Pair your favorite cookie flavors, along with your favorite ice-cream flavor, and fulfill all your late night cravings! With everything from M&M cookies, and mint-chocolate chip ice-cream, it's up to your imagination to make the craziest flavor combination possible. 

With the cold season beginning, it may seem silly to get ice cream in Boulder. Try any one of these places, and your mind will immediately be changed. When I want ice cream in Boulder, my go to is Boulder Baked. I personally love having a warm cookie along with my frozen treat. With so many options, I feel like there's always a new combination for me to try. Going around 11 during a long night of studying is the perfect pick me up. Take your friends, hop on the bus, and treat yourself. Regardless of whether or not you choose Boulder Baked, going anywhere on this list will make sure to satisfy your craving for ice cream in Boulder.