This summer, the D.C. area has been blessed with a new ice cream sandwich spot, The Baked Bear. However, this isn't the only place smart enough to scoop some ice cream between two cookies. There are a bunch of ice cream sandwich joints that are perfect for the D.C. summer heat. Here are a few favorites.

#1: Captain Cookie and the Milkman

You can find this hero driving around D.C. in the famous mobile bakery, serving delicious ice cream sandwiches to people all over the city. If you can't track down a truck, head over to 2000 Penn - the flagship location. Although the ice cream selection is limited to chocolate, vanilla, or black cherry, Captain Cookie regularly offers eight different types of cookies. The best part is that the cookies are fresh out of the oven. If you're driving and spot a truck, follow it, or just check Captain Cookie's schedule every day. Don't forget to try some of the Milkman's milk.

#2: Insomnia Cookies

Every college student knows the blessing of a late night Insomnia Cookie delivery. Only the really lucky ones know to order an ice cream sandwich. It's all about the cookies when you order a cookiewich from Insomnia. D.C. has three locations, as well as a spot in College Park. Find your nearest Insomnia Cookies here. 

#3: Sprinkles Potomac

Growing up just outside of D.C., going to Sprinkles on a late summer night became a regular activity. Many people go for the Fronana, but the Cookiewich is a hidden gem. Even though Sprinkles is a small, local establishment, don't be surprised if there's a line when you get there. 

#4: Baskin Robbins

Almost everyone has access to a Baskin Robbins Find your nearest parlor and order yourself a warm cookie ice cream sandwich. Baskin Robbins is a classic ice cream spot, so mix things up with a warm cookie or even a donut ice cream sandwich. 

#5: Baked and Wired

Cool off in Georgetown with an ice cream sammie from Baked and Wired. Try "dah bomb" sammie (chocolate wafers and vanilla ice cream) or be a little more adventurous with "boy blue" (oatmeal cookies and vanilla ice cream with blueberry swirl). Baked and Wired is a great place to take a break from all that Georgetown shopping with a cozy aesthetic and great coffee too. 

#6: Ben & Jerry's

If you're near a Ben & Jerry's, you are definitely in for a treat. You can't go wrong ordering traditional ice cream in a cone, but their ice cream sandwiches are even better. As if AmeriCone Dream wasn't enough, scooping some in between two cookies will make all your ice cream dreams come true. 

#7: The Baked Bear

New to the D.C. area, The Baked Bear is already the place to be this summer. Lines have seriously been out the door since the opening and the Snapchat stories keep on coming. At The Baked Bear, you have the choice of a normal cookie sandwich (they offer 14 different cookies) or mix and match with brownies and donuts. They also offer 14 different ice cream flavors including their specialty Bear Batter. Pick some toppings, warm it up, and get the napkins ready.

These D.C. ice cream sandwiches may not be the trendiest, but they know how to get the job done. Mix and match your cookies and try a different ice cream flavor with each sandwich. And don't forget, your phone always eats first. 

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