When I got home to Fort Wayne, Indiana a few weeks ago for winter break, I quickly heard about a new ice cream place called The Yummi Bunni. I was more than excited to give it a try once I learned of the shop's unique speciality: donut ice cream sandwiches. The idea of my favorite ice cream flavors layered between two warm, glazed donuts sounded like it might be love at first sight—or rather, bite. 

Hope Steele

The Yummi Bunni opened in November 2016 and was an instant hit. Though the wait for one of these delicious treats is often close to an hour long, I realized after my first bite that it's so worth it. My friend and I arrived shortly after opening in the morning, in hopes of avoiding the worst of the lines, while still getting to see what all the hype was about. Here's the inside scoop:

The Menu

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Hope Steele

The menu highlights the shop's most popular option: "Yummi Bun," which consists of two generous scoops of your favorite flavor of ice cream, sandwiched between your choice of a freshly baked unglazed or glazed donut from a local donut shop. You can then choose from a variety of toppings, ranging from fruity pebbles to pretzels (and I suggest piling on one or two of your favorites).

The Yummi Bunni has most of the ice cream flavors that everybody knows and loves, like Old Fashioned Vanilla and Cookie Dough, but there are also a few unique options like Horchata, Green Tea and "Fat Elvis" (banana with chocolate and peanut butter). 

If the donut-ice cream combo sounds like too much to handle, you can always just get ice cream in a cup with your choice of toppings—even though you'll probably want to go for the full deal after waiting in the line. For all the vegan and lactose-intolerant people out there, The Yummi Bunni also offers a few dairy-free ice cream flavors, so that you don't have to miss out on the incredible donut-ice cream sandwich moment.

The Experience

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Hope Steele

After thinking long and hard about what ice cream flavor to choose, I finally decided on Cookies 'n' Cream. I chose to top my creation off with even more Oreo pieces, because you can never have too much Oreo. Of course, I opted for the full Yummi Bun experience, and I chose a glazed donut for my base. 

The ice cream had just the right amount of sweetness, making it the perfect complement to the sugary donut. I was afraid that the glaze from the donut would push the whole sandwich over the top, but I was pleasantly surprised. Disclaimer: your hands will be a sticky mess by the end, but that's honestly part of the fun. 

Hope Steele

My friend went for mint chocolate ice cream with Oreo pieces on an unglazed bun. If you're looking to avoid some of the mess, she recommends the unglazed choice for obvious reasons. It also isn't quite as sweet, allowing you to experience the Yummi Bun in all of its glory without going overboard.

The Verdict

Hope Steele

Overall, my friend and I decided that The Yummi Bunni is a must-visit in Fort Wayne. If you ever find yourself in town, look for the neon pink lights and treat yourself to a heavenly Yummi Bun. It combines two of America's most iconic dessert foods into one epic creation, giving you the literal best of both worlds.