Whether you're just visiting Phoenix or are a local looking to expand your boundaries, Phoenix has many foodie gems worth checking out. With so many new restaurants in Phoenix, it can often be hard to choose. Luckily, I've got you covered: here are the 20 best things to eat in Phoenix. 

1. Sweet Dutch Pancake at Lux Central

Is there a sweeter way to start your morning than with fresh berries, whipped cream, and a delicious pancake holding it all together? If you're in need of some rich coffee and perhaps a treat (or two), Lux Central is the place to get your fix. 

2. The Bear at Short Leash Hot Dogs

Not for the faint of heart, the Bear is loaded with peanut butter, BBQ sauce, bacon, and Cracker Jacks. Although this combo may not make sense at first glance, it's a flavor sensation that's definitely worth a try. 

3. Chiles en Nogada at Barrio Café

The Barrio is a Phoenix institution with many classic dishes just waiting to be tasted. Chiles en Nogada is a flavor-filled dish guaranteed to satisfy anyone. 

4. The Sonny Boy at Pizzeria Bianco

Another famous Phoenician restaurant, Pizzeria Bianco, crafts beautiful pizzas with every flavor combination you could ever imagine. Not into pizza? Do not fear: Chris Bianco also opened Pane Bianco and Tratto in the valley, revered for their sandwiches and pasta. 

5. Chipotle Cherry Steak Taco at Taco Guild

Taco Guild is located within an old church, and still proudly displays the old architecture and stained glass windows that were there originally. This makes sense, as every one of their tacos tastes almost holy. 

6. Any Tsoynami at Nami

The Tsoynami is a must-have treat on those hot Phoenix days. With each Tsoynami as crazy delicious as the next, it can sometimes come as a surprise that they, as well as every treat at Nami, is 100% vegan.

7. The B.M.O.C. at Vovomeena

The B.M.O.C. has everything a breakfast lover could possibly want: waffles, eggs, a pork chop, and a donut. Guaranteed to fill you up quick, Vovomeena is the place to go for a quirky and delicious breakfast. 

8. Pumpkin Soup at St. Francis

St. Francis is a cozy and warm restaurant with cozy and warm soups and other dishes to match. The pomegranate seeds added as a garnish to the pumpkin soup adds the perfect crunch to a artfully seasoned soup. 

9. The Garden Variety Burrito at Joyride Taco House

With a fun and trendy exterior, Joyride Tacos will definitely put you in a good mood the moment you step foot in the door. The only thing better than their interior? Why, the burritos of course.

10. Pop-tarts at Angel's Trumpet

With a rotating arsenal of homemade pop-tart flavors, Angel's Trumpet is the perfect place for a late night snack. Don't like the traditional version of pop-tarts? Then prepare to be amazed by Angel Trumpet's gooey and fresh concoctions. 

11. The Oasis Roll at Harumi Sushi

Harumi Sushi is the hidden jewel of downtown Phoenix. Tucked away in a quiet corner of downtown, this place is serving up some of the best sushi in the city. With creative rolls such as the Oasis Roll shown above and the Oh My God Roll, which is set on fire, Harumi Sushi never disappoints. 

12. No. 22 at Zookz Sandwiches

Zookz is known around Phoenix as having some of the heartiest and most unique sandwiches around. The No. 22 is composed of black beans, avocado, and egg, and the best part? It's served all day. 

13. I-10 Nachos at Cocina 10 at Crescent Ballroom

Many know Crescent Ballroom as an awesome place to see live music, but the restaurant Cocina 10 connected to it is serving up some amazing Mexican food that is not to be overlooked. With delicious nachos, burritos, and even salads, Cocina 10 puts a unique spin on every dish they serve. 

14. The Rice Bowl at Phoenix Public Market Café

Phoenix Public Market Café is a neighborhood favorite in Roosevelt Row and always serves up the freshest of ingredients. Their rice bowl is filled with crunchy veggies that will make you feel like a health god any day.

15. Autunnale Pizza at The Parlor

The Parlor is yet another amazing pizza place in Phoenix. Serving up the coolest combinations of pizza toppings, such as the Autnnale with sweet potato ricotta, fig jam, and prosciutto, The Parlor never fails to impress. 

16. Ice Cream in a Pretzel Cone at Churn

Churn always has amazing ice cream flavors and cones to match. With its bright and cheery interior, Churn really is the ideal classic ice cream spot in Central Phoenix. 

17. Chicken and Waffles at Tuck Shop

Get ready to take your chicken and waffles appreciation to the next level at Tuck Chop. With every component of this dish and every dish flavored to perfection, any option at Tuck shop is a savory sensation. 

18. The Five Spot at Matt's Big Breakfast

Matt's Big Breakfast is a local favorite, with many customers willing to wait in line for this particular BIG breakfast. If you're in the mood for classic but perfect breakfast dishes paired with some high quality potatoes, look no further than Matt's Big Breakfast. 

19. Smoked Chicken and Biscuit Dumplings at Southern Rail

Southern Rail serves up some comforting and classic Southern dishes with a modern twist. The only thing that can make their smoked chicken and biscuit dumplings better is a beignet dessert afterward. 

20. The Carol Biscuit at Welcome Diner

Welcome Diner is a local favorite that serves biscuits, burgers, and sandwiches out of an old 1950's Valentine's Diner. This is the perfect place to hang out with friends and eat some comfort food on a pleasant Phoenix night. 

These are, in my opinion, many of the best things to currently eat in Phoenix, although there are many more upcoming restaurants that are helping to define the developing food scene in Phoenix