I think sometimes people get scared when they see figs at the grocery store. They are somewhat expensive, they are not your everyday fruit selection and finding recipes for them can seem tiring when you could just as easily have traditional apple pie. I thought the same way until just recently, but when I was given an entire basket of fresh-picked figs, I knew I’d have to come up with some way of using them. So, after some research and a few trial and error runs, I found the most mouth-watering fig recipes out there.

1. Homemade Fig Newtons

Much more tasty and only a handful of ingredients as opposed to a bunch of things you cannot pronounce. Click here for the recipe.


Photo courtesy of Food52

2. Fig Jam

I actually made a big batch of this with the fresh figs we picked and it turned out delicious.


Photo courtesy by Milisa of Miss In the Kitchen

3. Fig and Raisin Granola Bars

Great for an early morning on the go. Click here for the recipe.

Photo from the Food Network Magazine courtesy of Ellie Krieger

4. Grilled pizza with fig jam, goat cheese, proscuitto and arugula

Inspired by this delicious pizza from the Pioneer Woman.


Photo courtesy of the Pioneer Woman


5. Wild rice with butternut squash, figs and spinach

This could be served as a sweet and savory side or alone as a complete meal. Here is the recipe.


Photo courtesy Sonia of the Healthy Foodie

6. Fig and Almond Tart

A fig gallete is the perfect end to a delicious summer meal.


Photo courtesy of the Food Network via Giada di Laurentiis

7. Flank Steak with Fig Salsa

A sweet twist on a spicy favorite. Check out myrecipes.com.


Photo courtesy of My Recipes

8. Yogurt with Figs and Honey

Scratch the blueberries and jazz it up with summer produce! Click here for a great breakfast recipe. 

Photo from MyRecipes

9. Turkey, Fig and Brie Sandwich

Another sweet and salty combo perfect for a summer picnic.


Photo taken from The Food Network courtesy of Jeff Mauro


10. Eat them as is!

Of course, figs taste delicious no matter what. Enjoy!

Photo from MyRecipes