Whether you're visiting Orlando for one of the many theme parks or just passing through, the city beautiful has an amazing restaurant for any and every occasion. 

Ever since I moved here for school, I have made it my mission to try as many restaurants as possible. And, although I try to go somewhere new every time I go out, many of the places listed here have become favorites I cannot resist visiting again and again.

While Disney World may be the main highlight of your time in Orlando, don't write off the local food scene. Trust me, you won't regret it.

For Breakfast or Brunch

1. Keke's Breakfast Cafe

cream, pastry, cake, sweet
Kristen Pizzo

Whether you prefer your morning meal sweet or savory, Keke's has got you covered. You can choose from a long list of hearty omelets, or try to conquer the very generously sized pancakes.

 2. Brooklyn Water Bagels

cheese, spinach, egg, bread
Kristen Pizzo

Don't let the name fool you. This gourmet bagel shop began right here in Florida and offers guests the option to build their own bagels or select from signature creations such as the Greenpoint, pictured above. Each shop also boasts a DIY coffee bar where you can play barista and make your own iced or hot coffee.

3. Another Broken Egg

egg, vegetable, cheese, bread, dairy product
Kristen Pizzo

A popular brunch spot, this Southern-based chain offers light, hearty, and decadent dishes, so you'll find something no matter how you're feeling. Want to spice up your morning routine? Try their spiked Nutella iced latte!

#SpoonTip: Don't arrive completely starving. Go early enough so that you can stand the usual 20-30 minute wait for a table.

4. Se7en Bites

bacon, toast, bread, fried egg, egg
Kristen Pizzo

This bakery and eatery is known for its breakfast dishes with Southern flair and decadent desserts. Be sure to come hungry, because the food reaches your table in no time at all.

5. Omelet Bar

pastry, cake, banana, sweet, toast, french toast
Kristen Pizzo

Ok, so maybe we're a bit biased because a UCF alum owns this place, but there's no doubt that it's one of the best breakfast places around. Four more Orlando locations are set to open, but for now, enjoy favorites like the Bostonian omelet with lobster bisque, or the S'mores Tower of pancakes, at the location across from the university.

6. Briar Patch

For almost 40 years, this traditional American brunch spot has delighted guests with its simple, yet delicious breakfast favorites. Located on Park Ave in the adorable Winter Park neighborhood, this place is perfect for an outdoor Sunday brunch.

#SpoonTip: They don't take reservations, so be prepared to wait in the line that sometimes stretches out the door. Don't worry, we promise it's worth the wait.

7. Peach Valley Cafe

With light options like the basic breakfast of choice, avocado toast, as well as heartier choices like chicken and waffles, this Florida favorite has enough variety to appease everyone in your travel party.

For Lunch or Dinner

8. Ethos Vegan Kitchen

chicken, sauce
Kristen Pizzo

Vegans and omnivores alike will fall in love with this homestyle, plant-based eatery. The menu features Italian favorites like creamy pasta dishes and pizza, country comfort food, and more.

#SpoonTip: The portions are incredibly large. If you're not down to split an entree, be prepared to take home a box.

9. Toasted

cheddar, bacon, bread, cheese, sandwich
Kristen Pizzo

This casual cheese-themed restaurant takes your basic grilled cheese to a whole new level. Although it's known for the sandwiches, the truffle cheese fries are a side you don't want to miss.

10. Oblivion Taproom

bacon, sandwich, cheese
Kristen Pizzo

Don't be intimidated by the not-so-inviting exterior. Over-the-top burgers and sandwiches are the mainstay of this local event hub, and with a variety of vegetarian options, the menu is welcoming to all. 

11. Lazy Moon

Although some may say it's terrible pizza-eating etiquette, forks are highly suggested for these bigger-than-your-face slices. While the joint sadly doesn't deliver, the place is always so hopping, you won't want to stay home.

12. Tako Cheena

pork, tacos
Denni Abrahan

If you are looking for an inexpensive but satisfying meal, Tako Cheena is your best bet. This Latin-Asian fusion taco bar serves up favorites like empanadas, tacos, burritos, and hot dogs with unique cultural twists. 

13. Yellow Dog Eats

Can't bear to leave your four-legged best friend at home? No problem. At Yellow Dog Eats, your dog is welcome to join you for a BBQ lunch to enjoy funky favorites like "The Frooty Rufus", pictured above. And, if your mantra is "Friends Not Food", the menu is chockful of vegetarian and vegan options, so everybody wins.

14. Teak Neighborhood Grill

If burgers and craft beer are your staples, get your fix at this gastropub that takes pride in serving fresh, organic food. More than just your basic burger joint, Teak serves their patties on waffles, donuts, and pretzel buns as well as the typical burger bun. 

For Dessert

15. Gideon's Bakehouse

cake, chocolate
Kristen Pizzo

This is a hidden gem in East End Market. The bakery's cookies are an experience every local and tourist must have. They are made in flavors such as chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and triple chocolate chip, and are so dense and doughy, you will never reach for a box of Chips Ahoy again without feeling cheated. 

16. Jeremiah's Italian Ice 

Created in Central Florida, this dessert shop offers your classic Italian Ice and soft-serve ice cream combinations, but with unique flavors like cookie butter and cake batter, it stands out amongst the various other Italian Ice chains on the East Coast.

17. Toothsome Chocolate Emporium 

cheesecake, cake, chocolate
Kristen Pizzo

You can basically live out your childhood dreams of walking into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory when you go to this steampunk milkshake bar and restaurant. Choose from unique flavors like Chocolate Banana Brainfreeze, Heavenly Hazelnut, Red Velvet, and Espresso Buzz.

18. Valkyrie Doughnuts

cream, chocolate
Denni Abrahan

A spin-off of the extremely popular Viking-themed Valhalla Bakery, this vegan doughnut shop serves up decadent treats with creative toppings like Fruity Pebbles and pistachios.

19. Planet Hollywood Observatory

birthday cake, chocolate, cake
Kristen Pizzo

Okay, so not all the good eateries are outside of Disney. This Guy Fieri-inspired restaurant recently opened a location in Disney Springs and is also known for their over-the-top shakes, as well as their impossibly tall burgers.

No matter where you go in this sprawling city, you can count on finding a new favorite place that will keep you coming back for more.