In late October, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, an Atlanta based chain, announced they would be adding the Impossible Burger to their menus for a limited test run. After positive results in their Atlanta locations, this "meaty" plant-based burger is now on their permanent menu at all their locations including Athens, GA. 

What is the Impossible Burger?

The Impossible Burger is made by Impossible Foods, a California based company in the science of creating fake meat even carnivores love. While their vegan patty has only been around since 2016, it has already earned high praise from famous ramen chef David Chang and Bill Gates

However, Grindhouse is not the first burger chain in the south to adopt a plant-based “meat” patty. Over the summer, BurgerFi announced that they would be selling the “Beyond Meat Burger” at all their 100+ locations by early fall. 

How Do These Meatless Burgers Compare?

Much like the Impossible Burger, the Beyond Meat Burger is a vegan patty that claims to have the texture of real meat. The Beyond Burger also boasts support from famous figures like Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the Impossible Burger is known for its meat-like juiciness thanks to its plant “blood.”

Before adding the Beyond Burger to their menu, Burgerfi also conducted test runs in select major cities before selling at all their locations. Despite the support from celebrities and billionaire investors, both the Beyond Meat Burger and the Impossible Burger must prove appeal toward diverse customer markets. 

Athens Vegans Welcome Grindhouse's Impossible Burger

Rebecca Buechler

Grindhouse has a unique opportunity to debut the Impossible Burger at their Athens and Atlanta locations. Both cities are known for having large vegan communities despite being so far in the south, and many Athens vegans have been thrilled to hear about the new burger.

As an Athens vegan myself and someone who also tried the Beyond Burger at BurgerFi, I had to see how Grindhouse's “meat” burger compared. To make my burger fully vegan, I tried it on their new vegan and gluten free bun. Though I do have to admit, unfortunately, that this time the burger was far overcooked, if I didn't know any better, I would have assumed it was meat!

The Impossible Burger certainly had a similar texture to the Beyond Burger, but it was noticeably more savory and well-seasoned. Although I did not notice any meaty juiciness, it may have simply been due to preparation. However, I certainly enjoyed the burger enough to try it again.

Is the Future of Meat in Plants?

By adding the Impossible Burger to their permanent menu, Grindhouse is helping to make meatless eating more accessible and enjoyable for foodies in the south. Just like the Beyond Burger, the Impossible Burger proves that vegans and meat-eaters alike can have their mouths watering and minds blown by the same delicious food. 

This is good news for burger lovers and business. Meat alternatives have become a multi-million dollar industry, so it's no surprise major burger chains are trying to cash in. If this trend continues, we may one day see vegan "meat" burgers on menus in every state.