It is no secret that Boston has its fair share of epic food. Every time you turn around it seems like there are more and more places to indulge in some of the best food in the country. The poke bowls, marketplaces packed full of hot food, and even a neighborhood of the city dedicated to Italian cuisine makes it certain that you will never starve in this city. 

But, what comes after the main course is what is really the most important — the dessert. The sweet (and sometimes savory) end of a meal is what I look forward to the most and Boston has for sure innovated some of the most epic desserts you just have to eat before you die. 

1.  Frappe from Boston Burger Company 

These frappes are known for being outrageously large and delicious. They're real-life food porn, perfect for any Instagram feed or Snapchat Story. 

2. Cannoli from Mike's Pastry

Regardless of the never ending debate of Modern vs. Mike's, these cannoli are always, ALWAYS, worth the insane lines. A trip to Boston can never be complete without one. 

3. Bacon-topped donut from Union Square Donuts 

Bacon makes everything better, right? Well according to Union Square Donuts, it really does. They have taken two breakfast food favorites and combined them into something unlike anything else. It's truly epic. 

4. Ice cream from J.P. Licks 

In Boston, J.P. Licks is a household name. Their ice cream has become the best and most well-known in the city, attracting lines out the door every warm day. With boatloads of flavors to chose from, your ice cream possibilities are endless. 

5. Tatte Bakery pastries 

Not only is this bakery so aesthetically pleasing, it's delicious, too. Although it may not be totally classified as dessert, Tatte's sweets make the list. No matter which pastry you decide to pick up, it is sure to be epic.  

6. The Cookie Monstah Cookie Truck

Locals call this heaven on earth. As the birthplace of chocolate chip cookies, Bay Staters take pride in all things cookie, and this truck allows for warm, scrumptious cookies and ice cream sandwiches on the go. Catch the truck out of the corner of your eye? Sprint to catch it. 

7.  Paris Creperie 

This creperie transports you to Paris with dozens of authentic crepes to choose from. Filled with just about any fruit or filling you want, this epic dessert packs massive flavor in each and every bite. 

8. Cabot's Massive Ice Cream Sundae 

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Maddie Caponiti

With a seemingly endless amount of options, Cabot's is famed for their heaps of ice cream slathered in hot fudge and garnished with an array of toppings. It's truly an Ice Cream lover's dream come true. 

9. Baseball Helmet Ice Cream at Fenway 

Some say that there's nothing quite like a beer and a hot dog at the ballpark, but an ice cream sundae is just as good. While being at Fenway is epic in itself, eating ice cream while watching The Sox play is nothing short of bucket list worthy. 

10. Boston Creme Pie from just about anywhere

Originated in the heart of Boston, Boston Creme Pie is a Beantown masterpiece. Among the most popular destinations to eat this creamy cake are Omni Parker House and Mike's Pastry. Is a trip to Boston really complete without eating this city staple? I think not. 

Next time you think about bypassing dessert, don't do it — especially in Boston. This city is filled with great people, great sites and even better chocolate filled yummies. These epic must-eats are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.