While searching the Spooniverse, I was unable to find a vegan guide-map of Philadelphia. There's a New York guide and a Los Angeles map, but a vegan Philadelphia article is not in existence.

Philadelphia was rated as the third best city for vegan food in 2017 by VegNews Magazine. 

Here are the top 10 places that give the "City of Brotherly Love" its new reputation:

1. Charlie Was a Sinner

On the upscale side, Charlie Was a Sinner includes high quality appetizers, as well as entrees, including a roasted cauliflower steak and an awesome mu-shu tofu dish.

They serve up a selection of sorbet, a chocolate pot de créme, apple cobbler, and much more.

2. P.S. & Co.

Serving a wide variety of vegan, organic, and gluten free desserts, P.S. & Co. also has up vegan pizza, burgers, and even tiramisu.

Vegan Philadelphia just got a huge boost in its menu.

3. Blackbird

With seitan pepperoni, a chickpea "tuna" wrap, Violife Mozzarella, and much more, Blackbird Pizzeria has loads to offer the vegetarian/vegan community. Especially, the seitan wings.

4. Goldie Falafel

Not only has this Mediterranean restaurant mastered its falafel and schwarma spiced fries, but Goldie Falafel also serves up the creamiest of vegan milkshakes

5. Bar Bombón

If you are looking for vegan brunch, the beloved Bar Bombón has dishes including a coconut stuffed french toast and tempeh bacon. Their menu presents classic Latin American cuisine, like sweet plantains, buffalo cauliflower tacos, and tres leches cake.

A vegan tres leches cake. Nuff said.

6. Honest Tom's

The classic Philadelphian taco shop turned plant based this past July 4th. Renamed Honest Tom's Plant Based Taco Shop, this Mexican joint serves carrot & lentil barbacoa, roasted chickpea & plantain burritos, and many more fantastic creations.

7. Dottie's Donuts

With two locations, this  donut shop offers a variety of specialty doughnuts, including stuffed buttercream, peanut butter glazed, and of course, rainbow sprinkle. 

Dottie's Donuts also provides coffee, as well as bagels & cream cheese. Find them on Springfield Ave and South 6th St.

8. The Tasty

Welcome to South Philly's own vegan diner! With foods, like burgers, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, french toast, and more, The Tasty serves up the diner classics we all know and love.

9. Vedge

Known as the vegan fine dining restaurant of Philadelphia, Vedge offers a menu to customers who don't even realize the food is vegan.

With foods, like rutabaga fondue, seared maitake mushroom, and a cherry cheesecake tasting like the real thing, dairy and meat aren't missed whatsoever.

But be warned: this place is expensive.

10. V Street

Ranging from trumpet mushroom shawarma to sweet potato ice cream to bulgogi tacos, V Street is a vegan haven of innovation.

These Philadelphia restaurants truly show you that eating vegan can be just as tasty.It is clearly why Philly has that number there spot for the best city for vegan food. 

So, here you go, Spooniverse. A roadmap of vegan Philadelphia; another one in the books.

 is clear to be the #3 best city for vegan food, as seen by its own vegan diner and pizza shop.