Madison, Wisconsin, while primarily known for the University of Wisconsin and its school spirit, is also a delicious destination with tons of foodie gems across the city. If you're ever lucky enough to check out Madison you're gonna eat well.

Here are 10 places you have to eat at when visiting Madison, WI.

1. Short Stack Eatery

Located at the heart of downtown on State Street, Short Stack is known for its mouthwatering pancakes, waffles, and more. And the best part ... it's open till midnight every Thursday and Friday, and from 6 am Saturday until 9 pm Sunday (so you can go literally whenever your cravings hit).

2. Ian's Pizza

Ian's Pizza has every pizza combination you could ever dream of, served by the slice. Their best flavor is hands down the Mac and Cheese Pizza – have you ever heard of a better duo?

3. El Dorado Grill

Located on Willy Street on the East Side of Madison, El Dorado serves up amazing Southwestern Cuisine. Their menu, stacked with staples like chicken wings and fajitas, has something that everyone in your group will love.  

4. Banzo

Mediterranean with a local twist, Banzo offers the best pita sandwiches, falafel, and hummus of all time. Be sure to check out their food truck if you're in the mood for a quick bite (it's located downtown on the Capitol Square).

5. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

Known for their plethora of flavors, the Chocolate Shoppe has something for everyone. They are the first to admit that these creamy treats are not the healthiest; on all cups, the phrase, "If you want nutrition, eat carrots," is proudly proclaimed. 

6. Lucille

Located right on the Capitol Square with views of the beautiful Capitol building, Lucille has some freaking mouthwatering pizza flavors. Looking for something different? One of my personal favorites is their nachos

7. Roast

Roast is known for their unique sandwiches, burgers, and craft beer bar. And yeah, there's a whole hunk of guac in that burger. 

8. Graze

With stunning views of the Capitol, Graze is known for its fresh, locally sourced "farm to table" menu. Be sure to start your meal off with an order of their fried cheese curds. Because "farm to table" dining doesn't get more Wisconsin than that.

9. Dumpling Haus

Located at Hilldale Mall, Dumpling Haus is perfect for a quick bite while you're doing some shopping. Be sure to finish your meal with their Nutella Bao (steamed buns stuffed with Nutella, and most definitely the better version of Nutella-stuffed donuts).

10. Greenbush Bakery

Known for their mouthwatering donut flavors, Greenbush is by far Madison's best donut shop. Be sure to get there on the earlier side, as they tend to sell out fast. 

Madison is a gem of a city, and their food scene is no exception. If you ever find yourself in MadTown, be sure to check out some of these awesome places.